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God has killed me - Part 33

God has killed me  - Part 33
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"But Sir, please I beg of you...that is too much money. We cannot afford all these fines that I have. So, please let me go as I promise...I do swear by Almighty God...I will form now on a stick always to the rules. Sir, I beg of you. You will certainly...I promise...never see me here in such a stupid Police Cell again."

"Louis...I know people like you...and like Mike and Charley over there sitting both in the corner and staring at me with hate in their eyes. Their hands are ready to do me evil at any minute. I am not scared at all of the people that needs punishment for development...not at all. I know, over time, you will see it this the much-needed chance to improve your performance as a human being and you will teach your own children the better way of living so that the whole society of Ghana will benefit from you. Only God know, maybe one day I will make you Ambassador of good behaviour and you will travel all over Ghana and beyond to tell your personal story, a kind of testimony of how a person is able to change for the better, the hard process someone sometimes needs to go through to emerge at the other end as a so much better person and raw model for others."

"Oh, please...Mr Karl...this is too hard for me. I can do something well outside like working and supporting my family with something small. Here in this Police Cell...and only God knows if and when my family can bail me out and pay the hefty fine you people had set on, please Mr Karl...I beg in the name of our Almighty God...have mercy on me and let me leave this place. It is too dark in here anyway...and I need to see the light of the sun."

"Around Coco beach?" laughed Mr Karl his head of feeling Judge Owusu was just about to approach him from behind to take him away for an important meeting face to face.

"Yes...Sir...I mean you know me by now...that is my place!" smiled Louis and his eyes were filled with dreams.

"The rule here in my district is simple. When a judgement goes against someone the person has to pay the fine, if the convict is unable to pay the money, the family or anyone wishing to assist can pay the fine and if all this fails, a time in prison will be set and served till the end of the sentence given." Mr Karl waved Louis good-bye wishing him well to follow Justice Owusu to his courtroom.

"Mr Karl," started Judge Owusu to explain the current situation, "I wanted to let you know that the cases of littering the environment have come down. We had a few cases where neighbours falsely accused people, they did not like at all of the wrongdoings but most of them were not able to present enough evidence against the accused person. And I warned these people never to use up my time for cases that have no basis only because they want to use our rules of civil arrest against people they dislike. I keep on telling these folks that when they do so the law will turn against them and they would be the one sitting in front of me in my courtroom...and I will send them to prison so they have peace and plenty of time on their hand to consider their relationship with neighbours and look into themselves."

" are doing a great, great job sitting here and having ever ten or so minutes new cases to find the best answer for. I know the pressure is on you as you are also a part of this community and people in the streets see you when you are walking around as a private man with your family. I am always amazed that even these people should be very, very angry about you and me...that at the end of the day they do not harm us in any way...yes, in fact, come up to us to say thank you for justice served and that it was long overdue for people to take charge and change drastically the way we Ghanaians live. Such comments always warm my heart."

"Mr Karl...I fully agree with you and could not have sad it any better," commented Judge Owusu enjoying his cup of coffee smiling to see that Mr Karl had great pleasure eating the cake his wife had baked the night before, a delight for any sweet mouth like Mr Karl. "I see myself, and I guess you do it too, like a tough father that only wants the best for his children knowing they need guidance, the need ethical standards, they need a feeling of sense in life, they need the hard hand which can correct their wrong behaviour...and not the sweet touch our Democracy had brought us to...everyone nice to each other to have peace in the country, no touch and true word of honesty allowed seen as insult...and insult is evil...our mind Mr very much like one of the people having to mature to a good level that they can create a good society. We are not made as of right now for a society of softies like in your country...but we need the tough hand of someone we can respect...a chief, a king or someone like you...someone that does not care what others might think about him as long as the results of his work speaks well of him...that is what really matters. When democratic elected Politicians tell us sweet, sweet lies into our ears ever four years and all of them fail their manifesto which is anyway only limited for their time in office, so for four or eight years after which the manifesto initiatives get abundant and new ideas will see the light of the financial budget and ay with more loans taken to please our people and pay back the election campaign costs."

"You are spinning the wheel of misfortune again, Judge!"

"Mr Karl...all I am doing is telling the truth as this is my job here...isn`t it?"

"I cannot agree with you more," said Mr Karl and finished his cake looking for the chance to get another helping but saw no more pieces around the judge. "The cake of your wife is great, so, so delicious...I wish she would always...."

"Sorry, Mr Karl...I have to confess I came here with three pieces of cake and wanted to keep tow for you...but as the work was so much today and so hard...”."

"You ate my second piece," laughed Mr Karl his head off and cooled the judge down," but that is no problem at all, Judge, simply remind your wife next time you leave home and I come here to hand you four pieces...that I am alright." Both men had a good laugh.

"On a more serious note, Sir," looked Judge Owusu out of the window seeing the dust the contractors were making to tar the road in front of the courthouse. "The cases that we had before that people litter in the environment has come down significantly. Not only because we impose heavy fines that shock so many of our people but also that at many corners, lamp post, street lights we have now these waste bins in which people are able to dump their paper and sachet water rubber into. It was such a great idea of yours to make sure every four hundred or so meters people while walking in the streets will find a waste bin...and all of them are sponsored by a local business. They see this as a great tool to market their products and services. So, we did not pay a single Cedi for all of our waste bins. That makes me so, so happy, Sir."

"I am humbled as all I promote these all are not my own ideas. I only do something very simple and small. I observe other societies and see what they do right, what works for them and helps them to move ahead in life from level to level. Then I watch these societies what is not working well and ask myself why it is not working, maybe the idea is wrong, the place or implementation does not work. And when I know all that I ask myself which of these ideas can and should work for us here also. Maybe we must change something small but can adopt the fundamentals of an idea. The beauty of it all is that the mistakes others make, we do not have to repeat but actually can go ahead of other societies. So, for that one I have to say your kind words do work for the people only that had come up with great money is not more than tell you a simple secret and the fact...Judge."

"I absolutely share your sentiments, Sir...but...even I know you are not a man that likes to receive compliments rather prefers to do his job as a job...thought off and need to waste too many words over it...I still think strongly that this kind of thinking and acting must be promoted and you must be more outspoken about it. But, please do not get me wrong, Sir...not to do it as our Politicians do it when they have an idea and set up a clinic or a road...they expect from us to worship and praise that they can feel proud and above us simple people... ."

"This will never happen, Judge. I know and appreciate your kind words and I am still struggling with my style to do my job, my service for the community and to promote the right thinking and actions for others to learn from and do their bit to better the lives around them."

"I know that is an inner struggle of yours, Sir."

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