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Opeyemi Owatimeyin: For The Love Of Oòduà Nation

Opeyemi Owatimeyin: For The Love Of Oòduà Nation
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The way one could come to the reality that a system is in its last days is by the observable covert or overt commissions and or omissions of that system. Anyone gifted with enough patience to analyze the unfolding events could easily fathom when a status quo is being discomforted by the redolence of its own decadence.

The kind of manifested characteristics of a dying status quo is first deciphered by its discombobulated acts. There would be signs of desperation all over. The oppressive Government becomes defensive unduly. Its patrons and dependents become jittery. They become panicky and antsy.

Its law enforcement arms become unduly fidgety. They become afraid. Lest they be accused that they are not doing their job effectively, they become hypersensitive to everyone in the polity. If a dog barks in a manner, they believe that it would be within the purview of their duty to arrest the dog and its owner to explain that kind of barking. At least a fourteen day old has been arrested with his mother because they could not find the father and husband in this country before a la Dapo Olorunyomi.

The Nigeria Police, Department of State Security and at times, the Nigeria Armed Forces among others have become, what in our secondary school days we termed as "efficos," or "over sabi." They used their whims and caprices to interpret the laws. Always conceded undue power by the tyrannical Government they serve, they arrest innocent citizens and accuse them of anything they could imagine and lock them up.

In their confused minds, that was the best way to keep the sinking tyrant afloat. It was the best way to make the tyranny invulnerable to the vicissitudes of freedom seeking citizens. They enjoyed a very wide latitude and are allowed to abuse their power. As a result, they become tin gods within the authoritarian set up, within a government that has no leg to stand and inevitably headed irretrievably down the dour drain.

Now with the Freedom Train of Oòduà Nation leaving the enslaving Station for the Promised Land, the wobbly Nigerian system is despairingly gasping for breath to ameliorate the malodorous odour of its degeneracy and its sponsors, patrons and stipendiaries are confused. They are disconcerted. They are perturbed and ruffled. They are rattled and bewildered. They are very desperate. They are frantic, frenzied and furious.

This explains their venting against Opeyemi David Owatimehin, a peace abiding young man asking to be let go of Nigerian enslaving system, who was picked up on August 22, 2020. He did not carry any gun. He had no bomb strapped around his waist. He was not a threat to peace in anyway. All he was doing was distributing leaflets to others to inform them of the desirability of the Oòduà Nation.

Yes, his weapon were the leaflets. With a logo of Orí Olókun, the leaflet had "Odùduwà Republic" emblazoned on it. "Oduduwa, our Promised Land." "Oduduwa, our New Home." The leaflet also referred to Nigeria's notorious nickname, "Location 9" calling it a "Death Trap," while listing its extant woes: No good roads; No healthcare; No light; No good school; No plan, no Future.

The zealots who identified themselves as men from SSS, who had no balls to face Boko Haram bandits and the Fulani marauders openly carrying AK-47 guns arrested Opeyemi at Iyàrà, a town in Kogi State and smuggled him to Abuja. In a letter dated 26th of August, 2020, the Managing Partner of Ojaomo & Ojaomo Chambers to which Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, is a Consultant, Mr. Olatunde Ojaomo Esq applied for Opeyemi's bail which has not been granted.

Holding on to Opeyemi would be of no help to the sinking ship of Nigeria. It would not stop millions of Oduduwa sons and daughters from singing the nunc dimittis of the Nigerian contraption. Therefore, Opeyemi should be released. He should be let go. Set him free. The stale modality of tyrants is to arrest opposition members. They would even assassinate to try and maintain the noxious status quo. But they would fail at last. They always fail. That is the lesson of History. And this case would not be different.

The SSS is just telling Opeyemi that he could not have its respect unless he carries AK-47 like the deranged Fulani herdsmen. It is a message to the rest of us seeking freedom from the bondage of Nigeria. Leaflets and peaceful campaign to persuade others to see your point would not command the respect of the Nigeria Police, Department of State Security, and other law enforcement arms of Nigeria. That is the message embedded in the arrest of Opeyemi.

All the antics of the Nigerian State would not stop the eventual freedom of Yorùbá land. Arrest of its advocates like Opeyemi and others would not prevent the emergence of Oòduà Nation. We are not unaware of the methods of the frustrated sponsors, patrons and stipendiaries of a subjugating entity like Nigeria. Those malevolent tactics are not unexpected. But we are psychologically prepared to go all the way.

In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility - I welcome it."

-John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1960

© Rèmí Oyèyemí

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