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The Minority Is The Majority And The Majority Is The Minority.

The Minority Is The Majority And The Majority Is The Minority.
LISTEN SEP 4, 2020

Of what relevance is parliament and our democracy if the minority has no impart in delicate decision making pertaining to the affairs of the country!

It is imperative and instructive to note that, majority of citizens who voted to make a president/government metamorphosis to the minority who did not vote for that government for the purpose of holding government accountable for good governance to which we must all be involved.

We must not always cite with the majority in parliament,they may ve the tendercies to derail and destroy our country.

But is the opposition minority?

The minority in parliament are the majority representing the masses and the majority in power are ONLY majority in parliament but not majority on the face of the masses.

The current narrative in the country and African democracy directs that, decisions should be taken and implemented by the majority in parliament to favor what I describe as the minority(few) people on the grounds.That is a fragile and fraudulent DEMOCRACY. The opposition comprises of all citizens thus it is the majority in all aspects.

Is high time the minority on the face of the masses(majority) have the power to abrogate ill policies that are not of the interest of the masses(Majority) .This is because, the minority represent collectively the minority and the majority by ensuring that the government of the day does not only use their discretional and arbitrary power in their favor but do what is in the interest of the majority of the masses who voted and did not vote for the government. The majority in parliament across the globe works in favor of the government of the day but not the masses and this must see a new phase.

The minority in parliament who are majority on the face of the masses should be characterised as government at the other hand.

Government must not be centred on the incumbent maneuvering the affairs of the country like a pendulum.

Been the majority in parliament but minority on the face of the masses doesn't make the sitting government audacious and very superior over the majority on the face of the masses who are minority in parliament.

The relevance of the minority in government will ensure all inclusiveness and equity in governance. It will also ensure fairness and transparency. This is the true government by the people and for the people.

Parliamentary debates must include the majority (minority) and citizens outside parliament before a resolute consensus is reached .This should be how our democracy must look like.


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