04.09.2020 Regional News

Religious Leaders Receive Training On Wash Sector

By Sammy Asare || Ahafo Region
Religious Leaders Receive Training On Wash Sector
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World Vision Ghana has organized a training workshop dubbed " WASH IN SERMON " for Faith Leaders in the Asutifi North District, Ahafo Region, as part of the measures to have a successful implementation of the ANAM - WASH programme in the District.

The 4 - day training workshop which was held at the Assembly Hall in Kenyasi the District capital assembled Pastors and Imams.

The Faith and Development Coordinator of World Vision Ghana, Jacob Ayeebe said, the idea behind the exercise is to build the capacity of Religious Leaders to play a major role in assisting their communities to have good water, sanitation and hygiene.

According to Jacob Ayeebe who facilitated the entire training workshop, Faith Leaders are powerful and influencers in their communities so once they are equipped with the relevant knowledge, awareness and skills under WASH initiative they can easily sensitize their congregants and others.

He explained that " WASH SERMON GUIDE " has been drafted to help them know and understand the link between the scriptures and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme in order assist residents who are their members.

Jacob Ayeebe mentioned, now Faith Leaders have realised the need to dedicate time during their sermons for promoting good water, sanitation and hygiene per the presentation exhibited at the workshop.

He passionately said Religious Leaders ought to have their master plans after the training workshop to help address water, sanitation and hygiene-related issues in their communities.

He commended them for their contributions showcased which clearly indicate their readiness to help communities to have good water and sanitation to enhance their health.

Some of the Faith Leaders in an interview thanked World Vision Ghana and the Asutifi North District Assembly for organizing such a training workshop because a lot has been learnt when it comes to helping communities to have good water, sanitation and hygiene.

They revealed that the capacity building workshop has broadened their knowledge in areas of water, sanitation and hygiene which play a major role in Christianity and Islam. The Faith Leaders mentioned, the training has made them know that communal labour must be part of their activities often to keep their members healthy and also assist people to enjoy good water, sanitation and hygiene.

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