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03.09.2020 Feature Article

NDC has Neither Credible Campaign Message nor Convincing Manifesto

NDC has Neither Credible Campaign Message nor Convincing Manifesto
LISTEN SEP 3, 2020

The NDC as a bunch of visionless, incompetent and callous persons, has no credible manifesto for election 2020 campaign. There is barely three months to election 2020 yet, the NDC has the difficulty launching their 2020 election manifesto.

According to their former National Youth Organiser, Yaw Boateng Gyan, the NDC deferred the launching of their manifesto from Tuesday, 1 September 2020, contrary as announced by their loquacious misfit Sammy Gyamfi, to Monday, 7 September 2020, for one specific reason. He says, there are new policies and programmes they have just added to their already compiled manifesto but which are not very well known to, and understood by, their presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama. Therefore, it is just prudent for the experts to sit him down to brief him properly so that when he goes public, he will be in a better position to explain them to the Ghanaian public. What a shame!

For all this while, the NDC had not fully collated any credible campaign messages in a form of manifesto for election 2020. They had to wait for the NPP to launch theirs before running to insert other things in their then haphazardly drafted one to make it look more appetizing to the Ghanaian public to induce them to vote for their party.

Whatever they come up with to deceive Ghanaians, I shall only advise that we become as wise as the serpent to rather throw them out of gear. John Mahama has repeatedly said that Ghanaians have a short memory. How often had he not said he would not listen to anyone who has never been a president of Ghana before? Had he not self-styled himself as suffering from the dead goat syndrome, meaning he is so callous to care about the suffering of Ghanaians but himself, his cronies and families, and agents and assigns?

Why should Ghanaians trust this person to deliver on his campaign messages should he come out with any? Are we to be so forgetful, if not having a short memory as he asserts, to so soon forget, but desire to vote to re-elect John Mahama who has no respect for most Ghanaians?

Has he not threatened to cancel the Free Senior High School education that Ghanaians are enjoying under the NPP government through his myopic "I SHALL REVIEW" tantrum? Oh, what a clueless, if not wicked, man, who had all his life enjoyed free education but doesn't want others to have same opportunity?

You will be taken for a fool he who believes any of the populist manifesto messages to be brought out by the crafty presidential-candidate John Mahama. God has already revealed his character to us through his own words hence, we must be very careful about any promises he gives. He has said that he will lie to people to get what he wants from them.

As deficient as he is in viable economic policies and programmes, he comes out to promise populist policies aimed at enhancing his chances of winning election 2020. He has promised to legalise Okada. He has promised to release all concessions back to the small scale surface mining (galamsey) Ghanaians and foreigners despite the devastating nature of their activities. He has promised to give back the consolidated banks and microfinance institutions to their respective owners despite the established gargantuan banking malpractices and offences against them. This man has no ideas that are beneficial to the collective interests of Ghana and Ghanaians but his fixated absurd propaganda to throw dust into our delicate eyes.

Watch the underlying video to decide for yourself

Is John Mahama a person to be trusted, my fellow Ghanaians? No!!! Who in his right senses will trust a liar? Is telling you to your face that he will lie to you to get your vote not an insult to your intelligence? Will you cheapen yourself so much for such a disrespectful, corrupt and crafty individual to take you for a fool all the time?

Vote for integrity. Vote for dedication. Vote for dynamism. Vote for vision. Finally, vote for His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to do more for Ghana. He has all the qualities that we have to vote for incorporated in his very being, by the grace of God.

4 More 4 Nana to do MORE!

Watch out for WhatsApp campaign audios by the fearless proud son of Kumawu/Asiampa. If I can't go to Ghana this campaign season, my messages shall, God willing.

The NPP folks must magnify God by amplifying the campaign slogan, "The battle is still the Lord's". The slogan must be the similitude of the Ark of God that always went before the Israelites whenever they went to war.

Please, all those seeking the collective interests of Ghanaians, by preventing the selfishly corrupt John Mahama from coming back to power should please get copies of the video published in this article on their smartphones to show to those they contact in their door to door campaign what Mahama takes Ghanaians for.

Rockson Adofo

Thursday, 3 September 2020

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