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01.09.2020 Press Release

Coalition of Private School Teachers Press Release

By CPST-Ghana
Coalition of Private School Teachers Press Release
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We the members of CPST-Ghana, having listened to the 16th address of the President of the Republic of Ghana do hereby state that,

  1. On the eve of the President's address, our members had hint through a grape vine that the government has no money to fund THE FREE SHS so they will not reopen schools till January 2021. Hence, the address did not come as a surprise to us.
  2. Though we reject the reasons for denying the Ghanaian children their constitutional rights to education for almost one year and the right of private school teachers to work to earn decent livelihoods when active cases in Ghana as at the time of His address was less than 1200 and all businesses including drinking spots, market places, churches etc. were reopened and airport to be reopened for business yet managers of this country are of the view that schools rather cannot be safe for the Ghanaian child to also develop his or her career and are therefore justified to scrap the whole of the academic year.
  3. We wish to indicate to all our members that, the Commander In Chief has spoken and has the constitutional backing to act as he pleases. As private school teachers, we have already suffered for the past six months and have been slapped with another four months of school closure without respite. We will not lead our members into any act that will inflict further physical pain and the already deplorable state if the state security is unleashed on us to brutalize us.
  4. The silence of all political parties, religious leaders, the media, civil society organizations this issue is a clear attestation to the fact that Ghana as a country does not prioritize the education of our children and if indeed it is true that we reap what we sow, then posterity will be a better judge.
  5. We wish to state in no uncertain terms that, we cannot match the powers and the force that the President wields, neither are we ready to contest the matter in any law court. For school of thought has said “the law is a tool in the hands of the ruling class”.
  6. For us as teachers in the private sector, all we say is that if indeed we are being denied our decent livelihoods and the Ghanaian child is taken out of the classroom for almost a year just for political expediency, the Bible has said that vengeance is the Lord's. This battle is indeed the Lord's.

    (2 chronicles 20:15 and our supplication is in Isaiah 10: 1-4). Because, Italy, one of the worst hit countries in the world, is going back to school on the 14th of September, 2020 according to our sources.
  7. We urge all private school teachers and anybody or institutions whose business is collapsed or affected to join Private School Teachers to fight this battle on our knees (Effective and fervent prayer of the righteous availed much – James 5:15 part B) for God to exact judgment if indeed the poor private school teachers, school related businesses and the Ghanaian children deserve what we have been served with.

Finally we urge all our members to explain to our dependents, our friends and families and loved one to think twice and take with a pinch of salt when a politician offers anything for FREE



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