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01.09.2020 Feature Article

Shahid, You Died Because Your Identity Was A Folder!

Shahid, You Died Because Your Identity Was A Folder!
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The death of little Shahid the Two-year-old boy who was referred to the Wa Municipal Hospital from the Boli CHPS would never be a forgotten issue. The little boy had a snake bite and some health workers failed to issue a folder and to process him for treatment resulting in his death.

The actions of some health workers/ nurses of the Wa Municipal hospital that have always been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons cannot be ignored. The report of the committee to investigate circumstances leading to the death of Shahid among which revealed that, the hospital as at the time of the incidence had in stock 27 vials of anti-snake serum, yet do to negligence, lack of compassion and ethical gaps, the actions of some health workers/ nurses had sent Shahid to eternity. Why must this allow to happen?

The Ghana Health Service has core values in order to fulfill their objectives to improve health service in the country. Concerning their core values; one would wonder whether the conduct of nurses and health workers appreciates the value of dedication as stated in the Ghana Health Service code of ethics? I am equally saddened that, the values of professionalism, integrity, care, and compassion as an essential code of ethics is lost among many health workers/ nurses in the Wa Municipal Hospital.

The Kaapouri Children’s Resource Foundation (KCRF) and Ideapath Consult are standing firm with the family in the spirit of solidarity and willingness to be part of the courtroom to demand justice for Shahid if authorities continue to act very slowly and clandestinely in serving justice to Shahid.

The CSOs are every ready to help in providing legal services to the family to head to the court in order to prevent such acts of insolence and wicked behaviour of some health workers in the Upper West Region and the Wa Municipal hospital in particular. We shall continue to advocate, and speech on the subject matter until justice is serving. The CSOs and the family had not developed in personal hatred and vendetta to the Wa Municipal hospital, it is just a matter of unpleasant opportunity that has availed itself to correct some unjust practices and conduct of some health workers and nurses in the Wa Municipal hospital.

Let me reiterate that, the hospital is our first point of call in terms of referral from CHIPs and Health Centers and for that matter it is our responsibility and duty to press on authorities to ensure that, it becomes an attractive place for all to have confidence in. The position of the CSOs whose mandates equally focus on child protection does not wish to see children who are been born to continue the human race die at a very tender age. In this era of improved health care service with the availability of quality medicine, no child should die needlessly, especially when medicines are readily available.

We have mixed personal experiences regarding healthcare in the Wa Municipal hospital. Although, some units and wards have been very professional. Nonetheless, the general assessment and reports of poor nurse-patient relations and conduct of nurses and health workers from the point of entry to OPD and Laboratory and maternity and other departments are appalling.

The family in the coming days would be activating other means of getting justice for Shahid, the option to head to court soonest have been discussed and concluded if other means are not yielding the desired justice. As part of serving justice to Shahid, the CSOs entreat the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council and the Ghana Health Service to treat the matter with the topmost priority and to set a foundation in honour of Late Shahid that would create awareness of snake bites and schemes to make it easy for children to have easy and free access to anti-snake serum. We equally feel it would be appropriate to name a ward in the pediatric unit to serve as a constant reminder to health workers/ nurses on why emergency care is essential.

Author; Tahiru Lukman

Youth Activist, Dev’t Consultant & Pan- African Author

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0209154057 / 0551018778

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