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Ghana Is Under Agyapa-PDS-Galamsey Governance---Says JOY

Ghana Is Under Agyapa-PDS-Galamsey Governance---Says JOY
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The Agyapa unconscionable deal reminds me of what I said about PDS and Galamsey handling by the Nana-Bawumia Government.

My team handed a business plan to turn the Galamsey menace into a $60B industry which I personally handed over the Solomon Investment Group Ltd business plan to Prof. Frimpong Boateng in early 2018.

Unfortunately, like all my projects, the government lacks skills, patriotism and citizenry attitude to implement such national-soul projects like the Solomon Investment Group we developed for Ghana.

I will soon release the business plan which I handed over to Prof. Frimpong Boateng.

But on December 22, 2010 in a speech entitled "The Call to Unfinished National Agenda", I noted in a statement

"Successive Parliaments of the 4th Republic, through the 'tyranny of the majority' decisions, have not served the nation well on issues regarding national assets and socio-economic projects."

The tyranny of majority in Parliament, Agyapa deal, among the others, smacks the "wisdom" of Ghanaian Partisan Politics and makes "fool" out of the gentle souls of Ghanaian citizenry.

But Agyapa typically depicts the deprivity of greediness which blinds the "gluttonous Ghanaian Politicians" from the realities of poverty creation surrounding them by their actions or Super Incompetent approach.

The intelligence Watchers of Ghana are really shocked to the bone the effrontery/Super Incompetence with which Nana-Bawumia government is defending the Agyapa deal.

Ghana should thank the Natural Resource Management network of JOY that humbled Dr. Bawumia's initial Super Incompetent handling of rolling the bauxite deal with the Chinese. The Chinese would have taken over by now. But I really love the Humility they learnt to save Ghana from the Chinese but the greediness character cannot be taken away in the implementation for the benefit of all Ghanaians as against a few family and friends.

The Finance Ministry's insatiable Greed is inconceivable and in great error in their analysis. Without operational competence in nature of mining resource management, the financial analysis will be in great error for ginormous wealth to be bought at peanut value. Especially if the 49% are not mostly own by Ghanaians.

Agyapa is not a Royalty Company and no one even knows its operators equity contribution or distress mining company to turnaround in order to be defined as a royalty company.

Investopedia defines what a royalty company is "A royalty company serves as a specialized financier that helps fund exploration and production projects for cash-strapped mining companies. In return, it receives royalties on whatever the project produces, or rights to a 'stream,' an agreed-upon amount of gold, silver or other precious metal."

Agyapa is nothing but a conduit to channel the wealth of all debt burdened Ghanaians to a few family and friends of Nana-Bawumia government. The wealth creation through increase in productivity by the solomon Investment Group has been replaced by devalued Agyapa royalty.

The question is, what Gold, Bauxite, Manganese, Diamond etc proven ore reserves are we estimating the value of Agyapa based upon which one can give an estimated value per share? Only super incompetence rooted in insatiable Greed to channel the wealth of Ghanaians to a few cronies will limit Mineral Income Investment Fund (MIIF) value to annual Royalties analysis.

The Ghana Beyond Aid mantra is pivoted on an extensive proven reserves values of the various minerals especially, Gold, Diamond, Manganese, Bauxite etc.

The additional competent measures is the multiply effect and productivity by value addition through the middle to downstream business development.

The Resource management team of JOY is available to help the Nana-Bawumia government.

The Agyapa deal should be suspended and a much greater consultative approach be established by the next government of Ghana.

The JOY government shall not respect such unconscionable sin against the state and all MPs who shall pass such a deal, shall be causing financial loss to the state.

The patience of Ghanaians are running thin against Greed or super Incompetence among some government officials and definitely the joyous dream of " *"Hello Revolution" * is becoming a reality in Ghana now more than ever. As a matter of fact, a more informed and intelligent way drawn-out of the sad lessons of the 1979 June 4 uprising and December 31, 1981 Coup.

But all will end soon come December 7, 2020, when Ghanaians will vote out the Nana-Bawumia government in Super ways than that of Mahama-Amissah government.

JOY 2012, 2020

2012 & 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate.


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