31.08.2020 Regional News

Ghanaians Urged To Adapt To Global Technology

By Mike Duodu || Suncity
Ghanaians Urged To Adapt To Global Technology
LISTEN AUG 31, 2020

The Paramount Chief of Drobo Traditional Area, in the Bono Region, Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II, has reminded Ghanaians that society and for that matter, the world is dynamic, so we should try and change with the times.

He said the rapid technological advancement, which has brought the world into the computer age, has no room for mediocrity, ignorance, and conservatism. "If we don't sit up to face the new age the world will leave us behind, in terms of knowledge and development, he stated".

Okokyeredom said this when he was asked by Suncity Radio's Nana KAS, about his take on the issue of allowing SHS students in the country to use mobile phones.

He explained that the mobile phone has its positives and negatives, and it was important to consider the larger positive side, and allow children to use it.

"Unlike the olden days when teachers used chalk to write on the Blackboard, while students used Dictionaries to find the meaning of words, now, Google will give you everything you need in acquiring knowledge on all spheres of life.

The computer makes things easier and faster, to speed up growth and development", the eminent chief postulated.

The Drobohene urged parents to buy phones, laptops, and other advanced communication gadgets for their children.."Only try as much as possible to spend quality time to monitor and control the use of the computer more efficiently, for their proper development and the transformation of the entire Ghanaian society," he stated.

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