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31.08.2020 Diaspora (Germany)

Sagnarigu Constituency: Northern Ghana An Election To Win?

By Luqman Abubakari || NPP Comm. Director, Leipzig-Germany)
Sagnarigu Constituency: Northern Ghana An Election To Win?
LISTEN AUG 31, 2020

There’s a lot of work to be done in the SAGNARIGU constituency in northern Ghana, alas! Time is annexed and time is no longer an ally, when one does a cursory reflection of the SAGNARIGU constituency, there’s a whole lot of gaps (political gaps) the NPP needs to work hard to fill, which in my opinion is not yet been filled.

Now, let’s do this, in the 2012 general elections: Hon HABIB IDDRISU, who had resources then and had been very visible on the grounds and strategic with his game had 7,888 of the total ballot cast, this represents a percentage of 20.73, then Hon; Zelia ISSAH of the almost now-defunct CPP had 2,820 of the total ballot cast, this represents a percentage of 7.41 and Hon: Jamaldeen of the PPP got 449, a meager percentage of 1.18, abysmal!!!.

ABA FUSEINI (NDC) got 26,898 of the total votes cast, this represents a percentage of 70.68, so if you do the arithmetic well, you would’ve realized that the vote difference between then-candidate HABIB IDDRISU and ABA FUSEINI was 19,000 this represents almost up to 50 percent of the total voter population, the general question is, how are we going to close this wider gap in this year’s elections given the fact that Hon Felicia Tetteh is not too well resourced (I, repeat she’s trying her best but given the historical antecedent,it will be hard to make a solid inroad in my opinion?)

However, as usual, we may want to play to the public gallery and say oh, we are winning, let me say this, forget of the very few stomach driven accolades showered on our candidate, it doesn’t win elections, but the real issues that win are what I have catalogued, you can argue with a superior version with concrete data as I did.

Come to think of it, SAGNARIGU is a pro-NDC voting constituency, they have never swing nor vote skirt and blouse so-called in our particular political phraseology, so at this point, the only strategy we need to employ is effective communication, one that resonates well with the people, and of course, the candidates’ ability to speak same gives her a sort of identification with the local people, this particular scenario, in my opinion, is poorly schemed out properly.

Notwithstanding, I think our candidate is not too resourceful, we may doubt this but it remains the truth, ABA FUSEINI is not doing anything, no doubt about this, but the reverse is also true about our candidate, she is not also equally doing enough in terms of resourcing the people and solving major problems in the constituency (read me well, I said major problems), as seen in constituencies like YENDI, TOLON, etc, she’s trying her best but her shots are really not hot enough to close a deal at the polls on the 7th of December. ( this is the sad truth, and I’m writing this piece just for us to leave our conveniences aside and face the reality in this constituency if ever we want to win convincingly )

Another huge gap is tribal politics, wait and see the tribal card ABA is going to play, and just a forth night ago a group have been set up to run this crusade beware and put this information on your checklist, don’t ever underrate ABA FUSEINI, he’s a political cadre and has learned the art, principles, and science of politics, he’s a force to reckon we may not like it but it remains the reality, he’s a political dove, in our particular context, and we must up the game in order to beat him to his tricks.


H.E Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP government (the party of my forebears ) have done so well in giving Dagban a long-lasting peace, which merits our commendation as people of Dagban, however, my checks with most constituents in the SAGNARIGU constituency reveals that many shall still vote based on Chieftaincy even though the era of Abudu and Adani is fast gone bringing an end to a sad regime and replacing same with peace, growth, and prosperity for all, but most people still think is their choice to vote on same, for reasons known to them, the afore are the nuances, in my opinion, that needs to be tackled heads up before December 7th.




Master of public policy, Germany

[email protected]

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