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As An Independent Body, We Are Ready To Move To All Regions, Explain To Ghanaians, Relevance Of Social Interventions—Dr. Think Twice

By Dr. Think Twice
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The Chief Executive Officer of Think Twice Africa Consult, (a Think Tank), a consultancy with the aim of monitoring and evaluation of various government social interventions, Mr. Ernest Birmeh, also known as Dr Think Twice, is ready with his team, to move to all regions in the country. *We will further explain and highlight more on the importance of social interventions to Ghanaians.*

Our NGO Think Twice Foundation Ghana, has been creating awareness through prompted suicides, to attract the general public and the media, sell our messages to Ghanaians. We do this, we tell Ghanaians, the harmful effects of huge undue pressures that have existed in the country. A Think Tank, Think Twice Africa Consult has also been formed to serve as checks on successive governments, find out types of social interventions implemented, the existing ones, what improvement have been made and sustained and lastly intensify education, tell Ghanaians, the need to utilize it, effectively for their own benefits.

Currently, we have started with the NPP government unprecedented, huge social interventions, implemented by His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. The free SHS policy, planting for food and Jobs, restoration of Teachers Trainee and Nurses allowances, free water and electricity during the pandemic, distributions of ambulances to all constituencies and many more.

Ghanaians will be educated on how to use these products, interventions judiciously. For instance, parents or individuals, who are to pay light and water bills for some periods, these bills, have been absorbed by government. The monies that society were to use and pay for the bills, where has it been channeled? Has it been used for funeral cloths, used to date women, marry, purchased plot of lands, used to chase slay queens, purchased cars, bought additional cloths, etc.

These are important questions Ghanaians will be asked.

The government has unprecedented done well and must be commended for the efforts put in place that has subsequently reduced undue pressures among Ghanaians. Every successive government will be scrutinized, either shamed or commended for any efforts, social interventions implemented to reduce the suffering masses.

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