30.08.2020 Poem

If You Knew Where Some Of Us Came From, You Won't Pray For Us To Fail

By Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah
If You Knew Where Some Of Us Came From, You Won't Pray For Us To Fail
30.08.2020 LISTEN

Don't go away in the hardest bitterness 
regardless of the losses 
'coz if you do, the immeasurable sacrificial profits 
would be the furthest bargain on this journey.

We have come too far
to let it slip us by 
We have chuckled to the twisted voices 
that set a porn of fall before us 
We have walked on thorns 
on the bare of our feet
and left no prints in the sands of time
We were gifted a prickly fallow land 
to grow seeds into plucking fruits 
and we prayed in our ignorance for rains 
but it still yielded an unquenchable harvest. 

But hey! We moved on.
For we knew the storms would come 
but it wouldn’t rain forever.  

We have shared tears in its flood 
that no one would have wished unto himself 
We have been strong outside 
but stayed poor in our hearts 
though we knew this journey was not meant for the weak. 

We all have stories
but some are too sad
as we lived as corpses 
‘coz dry bones 
were summoned unto our already malnourished meal
by unseen spirits of uncommon faith. 

We feared we could die along the way 
'coz we were strangers at the crossroad
with midnight shivers and anxiety over wizardry claps
We smelt leaves us stray dogs 
just to find health in our worst sickness. 
We walked, run, fasted and fainted 
and had deep scars on our legs  
which has made us gain experiences  
to the secrets of a premature fall. 

We found happiness 
in a rest under leaking roofs 
made of bamboos and palm branches.
We paddled canoes across rivers to school 
which was an art to behold.

Our days were poor 
As we were always busy fixing our fears. 
Nights brought anticipated hunger 
as our belief kept fading and mourning 
like the old woman without a perpetual language

But hey! We just had to keep fighting 
in the midst of the deceptive hug of the sea 
and smiled in the moment once we had life
the dream, is so Close in our Never Give-up box to shut it. 

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah 
Aka Poet et Cetera 
13 July, 2020 

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