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God has killed me - Part 23

God has killed me  - Part 23
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"Oh...Mr Karl...this looks very nice here," presented Princess a few flowers being welcomed in his new home, Sakumono Estate, D Line, House Number 10 third floor, last apartment close to churches in the back of the building and a container with provisions in front, an internet cafe near a Primary school Holy Child and a stand each morning selling bofruz and bread for breakfast. "I can see you have furnished the place very nicely. Here a nice couch and comfortable chairs, over there a flatscreen and the kitchen is very well equipped with cooker and...where is the washing machine, Mr Karl?" looked Princess around while Joseph And Mary Trebarh had taken their seats outside on the little balcony that gave fresh air during the afternoon hours. He had placed four light blue plastic chairs and a plastic table to enjoy a relaxed late afternoon with his friends.

"Mr Karl," said Joseph Trebarh and smiled all over his face, "we are so happy for you. I mean here you are at the right place with the right people around you."

"Where is the washing machine, Mr Karl," stepped Princess out seeing how Mr Karl served her parents with cake and coffee. Her parents smiled like she had not seen them smiling for long. They looked down from the balcony to watch people walking from one end of the Estate to the one up at the Estate Junction and Taxi rank. Princess was confused and surprised.

"I do not need a washing machine, my Princess!" answered Mr Karl sitting down after having served all his guests.

"But...Mr must wash your clothes. You cannot go out dirty!"

Mr Karl laughed and smiled at his Princess that enjoyed the cream cake with chocolate flavour bought at Shoprite nearby the same morning and said: "One day I walked around the Estate and a woman with a small baby boy next to her sitting on the pavement tried to talk to me in Twi. Of course, I did not understand what she had tried to say but a nice old lady passing translated her words into English so I could understand that she was looking for a job...a job to wash people`s clothes. And that is my solution. This woman comes here twice a week...not that I have so much clothing to be washed twice a week...but I want her to have a meaningful life and something small to heat. Not that she feels like a beggar and her self-esteem gets destroyed. I asked her how much she wanted for her work and I decided to increase it by half, so she gets fifty percent more than she had asked for and works more than I need her actually as I understand her situation and as I can afford to pay her that amount of money...why shouldn`t I?"

"Mr are really not a black man...really not!" laughed Princess and her parents agreed. "Which black man would ever give someone more money for his work than that person has originally asked for only to make sure the workers are comfortable!"

"When you do business with a black man, Mr Karl," explained Joseph Trebarh while his wife was hiding herself in the background, "the first he will ask you how much profit is in the business for him. He will not mind you that first the business in all its details must be well discussed. No, when business is involved, the black man rushes as fast as he can to the scene and claims his profit. And when there is big money to make...gosh, you should see them, their eyes get full of all colours of the rainbow and glow like a polished diamond. Money and money and money...that is all on their mind. What they do not understand is that problems must be solved with great ideas and strategies to solve that problem...and then overtime money will come into someone´s hand and make someone incredibly happy. No, our people they rush to the scene and open their palm for money to rain in like a serious heavy thunderstorm...that is African mind...Mr Karl."

"Sir, I know what you are saying...but I strongly believe that we humans are made all the same and made to the effect that we are supposed to learn to form each other and rise above other countries and during Olympic Games...fairness, observation, learning and overtaking...for which reason I will never give up hope, regardless of the circumstances facing, that Africa and the Africans can rise to the occasion and better their lives!"

"Mr Karl...please look," smiled joseph Trebarh with great wisdom in his eyes while his wife and Princess were clearing the table and started washing the dishes, "I am by now an old man. I have seen it all here and in the rest of Africa. I have observed Dictatorship, Coups by Military Men and killing of Military Men after a Cop by another coup. I have seen famine and people dying by their numbers. I have seen civil wars, a new formation of new states, pirating, Xenophobia...and what have you not...including the unfortunate interference of you White People here on our continent. No Sir, with the greatest of respect...I have seen it all and therefore are of the strong belief we are haunted by our own Gods from under the Sea and under the trees. And as long as we do not get away from this evil spirit that hangs like a bubble over our continent...with the greatest of respect to you Sir...we are not going anywhere but will always be the playground of stronger forces from outside like countries of Europe and beyond!"

Mr Karl got up and stood at the wall of the balcony. He looked down seeing a woman parking her car. She was living below on the ground floor with easy access to her apartment through her own door right at the parking lot. He looked over to the Holy Child Primary School seeing pupils coming out with laughter and cheerful. From the Ministry Flats, a complex of six Blocks once build to host Government Officials yet a place rented out to ordinary citizen as the place was not kept in good shape attracting people of less income, he saw older school children returning home as near the Blocks a Secondary School was located. The playground of that school was used as Tennis Court or as a Football Pitch over the weekends. He turned around and looked at Joseph Trebarh seeing Princess and Mary Trebarh just were about to step out of his apartment to join them and said: "As long as there is a new generation in Ghana...with the greatest respect to you Sir...I will never give up hope that the blood they carry, the mind they good and golden day, cannot be changed. It might need for them a hard push; it certainly needs for them to see the example of another man to follow in his footsteps and carry on his works...."

"Mr Karl...see reality on the ground and not the heavens in the skies," interrupted Joseph Trebarh while taking a deep breath looking around for his eyes eventually finding rest in the face of his wife. "In your society, that is what know from social media, Presidents and Prime Minister earn a good living, yet they are still humble. They do not build big mansions, do not drive big cars, do not want to be praised by their supporters only to be followed so that they can make their agenda come to pass. I even have seen that your German Chancellor does not have her own house and does shopping by herself in her local supermarket as often as possible. Here this is unimaginable. Look at the Mansions and Houses our Presidents, Ministers and other Government Officials live in...just have a look and you will instantly ask yourself based on the income they get from us the taxpayers while in on earth can they afford such houses. When you calculate their income very, very carefully and well...most certainly any low educated citizen in Ghana will come to the calculation and conclusion, these houses can never be bought by them with honest money. Just watch these people in power very well and keep your eyes always wide open and sharp...and you will understand. Even there is someone in this country making big noise always on the airwaves even he has few businesses...but ask yourself how on earth is it possible for him to feed his family and send his children to expensive school abroad? Ghana is well known around the world, as you are aware by now, as a hub for smuggling illegal drugs. Such a business is never possible with strong men in the system that either is involved in these illegal activities themselves or facilitate the process and during the process take their share. When you shake the hands of some of them make what will stick at your hands and make sure you wash them always after a meeting with such people smiling into cameras, telling us big words of their own wisdom...and behind their back in the darkness of the day, go about their dirty, dirty business."

"I guess I know the person that you try to mention but I cannot say too much about him as regards to your alleged allegations. I watch him from time to time, laugh about his statements that always come with a blackmailing line saying that if a certain person does not change its behaviour, he would eventually present his evidence. I mean that is madness at its best. Instead of threatening a person he should right there and then present his evidence in case he has some and thinks they hold what he is promising to unveil."

"Mr in Ghana we have a serious issue," smiled Joseph Trebarh getting up to stand beside Mr Karl looking down from the balcony seeing teenagers playing with each other their first game of love, "we talk and talk. On radio and TV, in newspapers and on social media, we lambast about anyone and everyone. Pastors shout out against Pastors, Politicians get personal, Media House owners use their platforms to attack other people on a personal note. And the rest of us...we are listening very well and start discussing these issues with our own mind...from early morning until late at nights for days and weeks and months. I mean...that is pure madness. Why should anyone be so stupid to sit on TV or radio and waste his and our time about an allegation of cheating and what have you not. We waste our precious time. We should rather mind our own business and talk about issues that are not harming anyone without a real reason but discuss matters that really matter like how to come to great ideas, how to be an inventor, how to make better politics and how to create a better Africa and not all these stupid, stupid nonsense which men had love affairs with which ladies and which baby is not from the real father."

Mary Trebarh stepped in and said: "Joseph, my dear husband...let me tell you the truth!" Joseph Trebarh turned around and looked at her saying: "This will never happen. I know us, I know my people!"

Princess laughed her head off while standing next to Mr Karl looking down how another woman tried to park her car: "This seems to be a sort of a problem too...I mean for us ladies!"

Mr Karl looked at her, she looked further down feeling his looks on her but disciplined her mind not to move towards him and his looks onto her. "In Germany...if you talk like that...."

"All I am saying is what I see...that is the truth, Sir!"

"It always makes me wonder and a bit of laughing," turned Mr Karl around to bring out more chilled drinks. "No, it always makes me wonder why so many of you people cannot swim. Seeing your fisher folks down there at Sakumono Village...I mean the go out to sea for fishing and fear water and cannot swim. What a funny story that actually is!"

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