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CAMA: The Naivety Of Southern Legal Luminaries

By Olaniyi Oyedele
CAMA: The Naivety Of Southern Legal Luminaries
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This is exactly what bothers me regarding our people. It is the same reason why a group of sophisticated people are being controlled by a group of “unlettered Fulani Minority that constitutes a mere 9% of the Nigerian population.

I am a not a lawyer, and I do not intend to question the position of the writer, but I think I read somewhere that there is a difference between “law in action” and “law in books”.

If that be the case, I urge the writer to examine the provisions of Section 839 (1) critically as it reads:

“The Commission may by order suspend the trustees of an association and appoint an interim manager or managers to manage the affairs of an association where it reasonably believes that

(a) there is or has been any misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of the association

(b) it is necessary or desirable for the purpose of....”

Now my question is who determines when it is “necessary and desirable”. In a country where court judgment is issued at and even in the absence of the accused; I wonder whether the learned writers have been living outside of Nigeria for a while not to know that, the Fulani Government of Nigeria, can at anytime determine when it is necessary or desirable to exercise the option to appoint an outside trustee.

And if the history of appointees of this President since assuming office is anything to go by, I won’t be surprised if all the appointees are Northern Muslims from a particular section of Daura. Very soon I am looking forward to a Northern Muslim appointed a trustee of RCCG. (Personally, I wish it would start with RCCG)

If anybody is analyzing this CAMA purely from the legalistic point of view; I am sorry to say that person may just be part of the problem which I alluded to earlier, bedevilling the Southerners and in particular, the Yoruba race. The ability to over-analyze while speaking too much Turenchi.

The truth of the matter is, this is an assault on the Church and to gain access to its vault, especially in an era where federal resources are dwindling owing to uncertainties in the oil market and the Caliphate need extra monies to pay not only Nigerian Army and its BH collaborator in its quest to prosecute the total take over of Nigeria. And this was forewarned by some people warned about the systematic Islamization of the country.

Of course, like everything which have the hallmark of Fulani domination through the connivance of target population, the Caliphate is banking on the Southern legal luminaries to interpret the “law in books” and calm the frayed nerves of their congregations while the “unlettered minority” reserve the right to implement the provisions of the “law in action”. And if what I have read in some submissions are anything to go by; the plan is working and the stage is set.

May God help the Southerners.

Olaniyi Oyedele, A Chartered Accountant writes from Dallas.

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