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30.08.2020 Feature Article

Don't You Get It!!!

Don't You Get It!!!
LISTEN AUG 30, 2020




Throughout history or generations; men have sort to use evil, wickedness, and greed to despise,and deprived one another of their existence.

Culture with its tribal eccentricity, its related ideology is the most awful and evil thing.

Science which is meant for good has been twisted and with its evil consequences to humanity degradation or putting others down Consider the science the police states use determine to which tribe or race needs policing most. We surely have benefited from it.

Gender stupidity has made men and women fight an unending unreasonable wars from generations to generations. It has taking some nations even up until this civilization to give women and children their equal rights.

As a child, my parents made me know how both of them were very important in my life. Parents and Elders deserve respect and courtesy than they currently receive.

The latest craze is false/fake prophecies, news, etc, with this situation/cancer ascending to dangerous proportions. Our political leaders have become liars, selfish, exploiting the very people who votes them to power or office to serve them.

National resources are being used and shared among the self-appointed leaders by hook or crook. Votes are being rigged to install puppets governing bodies also serving the same few and self-acclaimed leaders.

Workers are woefully stealing from their employment. Certain parts of government institutions have become the means to prosperity. GHOST employees and bloated invoices are used to line the pockets of only a few.

Contracts are given to inner circles of the ruling elites. State properties are virtually given away to departing governments or party affiliates. Appointments of officials have become a game of chess.

Law and justice is badly damaged or broken down. Judges are now political appointees even in the most or so called democratic and developed world. They preach or cry justice in other countries when there's mounting evidence of corruption and injustice in their own.

Sadly some tribes have been stifled so much to result to lack of confidence in themselves, some race/tribes/klans or nations want to impose their own superiority over other mankind and nations.

Both United nations and its leaders, and its manner of steering just and order world ought to change. It is not fit for purpose. The latest display of lack of leadership and funfair in the Security Council system, suggests it needs a very good and fair reformation.

Economic and or our Governing structures have been abused systematically by wicked, greedy, selfish men to deprive others of their existence. Most governing bodies are but the shadow of themselves. But answering always to an unseen people or pulpits.

Education which was supposed to develop mankind is even used to cheat on the very vulnerable their system has produced.Yet the result we see today is that all mankind irrespective of wherever they come from never get the same and fair conditions in every field of study,or never, do equally well.

Classification of society is another evil way the greedy, selfish, and wicked persons have used throughout generation and it continues to get even worse. Today, the developed world is awashed with food banks serving the poor. Whilst Trillions of wealth are stuck in bank accounts of the few who steal.

I am not disputing the fact that there are genuine hard working people. But how many of all of them truly can face the truth within themselves how they made their own wealth. Without the use of the vulnerable people as a result of their actions in becoming rich have caused.

The reasons are that tribalism and politics divide every nation on the earth.The earth is suffering from this failed world. Even laws are clandestinely made to favour one social class over the majority. With one class committing crimes and getting away free, whilst many languish in jails for no or little crimes.

I believe human equality and creation as it is supported by Science are undisputed.If a brown person's body organs or blood can replace that of the light skinned person ( or Visa versa) then with favourable result. Then what is it?.

As for those who have taken over the church with masterly, cleverly, acts,staged managed systems. The earlier they begin to fear God and REPENT the better it's for them.

Collecting unbibilical donations from the poor to line their pockets even during the current pandemic( shamefully asking donations or payment to their bank accounts. This is very despicable, gruesome, thuggery, not in the name of my God and JEHOVAH. During when unemployment has plummeted, are these soulless. Who asked them to build big church auditoriums. Where in the HOLY Bible did God asked for this stupidity and INSANITY. God is saying let My people go and WORSHIP me from within them and the manner I have ascribed in my WORD.

Their shame have started unfolding, and they can't do anything about it. Or the ANGER of God will not have MERCY on them.

As for those who are faithfully representing God do not lament as the system tries to choke you up. REMEMBER they've done it to our Lord Jesus Christ and failed, so failures they are and will always be. "PUT NO FURTHER BURDEN ON MY CHILDREN IN MY NAME OR DESIST FROM YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING".

If what the world is facing is not enough a sign then we truly lack knowledge or wisdom and haven't respect for history.

At least the last world wars have taught us there is NO winning side when it comes to settling desputes among nations and BRETHREN with wars instead of talking peace.

We're always worst off anytime we have fought BATTLE against each other. The world which comes out of the last war is never better than before.


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