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Kofi Boakye’s lawyers declare their client innocent, And also about His ‘X’ Factor, Joy

By MJOL/Chronicle
Kofi Boakye’s lawyers declare their client innocent, And also about  His ‘X’ Factor, Joy
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Lawyers of ACP Kofi Boakye are questioning the credibility of the testimony of the Inspector General of Police, heard in-camera before the Justice Georgina Committee.

In a final submission to the committee today, the lawyers said their study of the transcript of the IGP's testimony and the answers he provided leads to them to conclude that the testimony was not credible.

The IGP is thought to have told the committee that ACP Kofi Boakye did not inform him about a meeting at his residence with suspected drug dealers in connection with the 77 parcels that disappeared on Ghana's territorial waters.

His evidence contradicts ACP Boakye's testimony. But his lawyers told the committee their client is innocent. One of the lawyers, Joe Aboagye Debrah spoke to Joy News reporter, Evans Mensah after they had submitted the 18-page document to the committee.

The submission completes the committee's public hearing into the suspected loss of 77 parcels of narcotic drugs from the vessel M V Benjamin.

The committee, which is in the process of compiling its report, had earlier completed its work on the East Legon Cocaine case. It is however uncertain when the final report will be presented.

Kofi Boakye And His 'X' Factor, Joy

...Details about her champagne lifestyle
...Plus visits from the ACP
Chief legal representative of the suspended 'tough cop' ACP Kofi Boakye has parried questions relating to possible links that exist between the ACP and his former wife, the Mankessim and Kumasi raised beauty, simply known as Joy, who is currently being held in a Federal prison in the United States over drug-related charges.
Chronicle intelligence has established that the existing bond between the ACP and the former wife is at variance with what his lawyers and media handlers sought to demonstrate a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Joe Aboagye Debrah, the lead counsel for Boakye last Saturday afternoon told The Chronicle that he has no knowledge of his client's visits to Woodbridge, Virginian, where his former wife lived until her arrest.

Chronicle's substantial sweep of the large Ghanaian community of churches and residents plus back checking with criminal justice sources in Woodbridge, a smaller suburb of Virginia in the State of Maryland/Washington, suggest that, a solid bond continued to exist (at least as of last year) between Kofi Boakye and Joy with whom he has a daughter.

Contrary to the media slant, only last year, ACP Kofi Boakye was in Woodbridge and spent time in the apartment of Joy and was entertained at a party held for his benefit. Many Ghanaians Chronicle spoke to, confirmed that they were privy to the bash and that they were shocked to read accounts on the net carrying an interview with Joy's father in which the Bibiani-based father was telling the world that his daughter did not have any form of contact with the senior police officer since they divorced about ten years ago.

It was not uncommon for Kofi Boakye or some of his friends to visit Joy at her pad, and Joy had been meeting Boakye whenever she visited Ghana too. 'Either the father did not know or he was engaged in truth tampering' Chronicle learnt that Joy, who has been unemployed for several years, led a champagne and chocolate lifestyle which was completely out of sync with her status as an unemployed migrant. She loved jewellery and one source went on to say that Joy drove a top marque car 'the infinity.'

When Joy bought a house at Woodbridge not long ago, the busy okro mouthed Ghanaian community at Woodbridge went into overdrive, wondering how an unemployed 'mmoborowa' could afford to buy a house and sustain payment of the mortgage. Further probe by The Chronicle established that Joy actually paid a deposit and started paying $1,400 a month towards the mortgage through a Ghanaian owned accounting and mortgage brokerage firm which stopped it after a couple of months when they became suspicious.

It was only in January this year when the Federal Bureau of Investigations which had been monitoring Joy under cover, pounced on her and discovered that she was engaged in a questionable conduct, not unrelated to drugs, that the Ghanaian community there discovered the basis for her recent display of wealth. Chronicle further gathered that Kofi Boakye's woman was charged for distribution of cocaine and her arrest was done by the FBI and not the local police - underscoring the gravity of the offence - and whisked to a federal penitentiary. With the status of terrorism classified as 'critical' in the lexicon of the US and UK intelligence community, cocaine and heroine are considered as bedmates to terrorism and consequently viewed in that light.

Another Chronicle revelation is that Joy's house, which boasts of very elaborate furniture has become the target of a foreclosure action by the bank, which topped up her deposit to acquire the house. A foreclosure notice and a for sale sign are mounted on the frontage of the house and the Ghanaian mortgage broker who arranged the purchase has indicated that he is not interested in buying the property even at a forced sale value.

What is certain is that the FBI and the MI 5, the Intelligence wing of the US and the United Kingdom together with the German and ShinBeth (The Israeli intelligence service) are not leaving any stone unturned in their war against drugs and cocaine even if the Government of Ghana which is taking the matter seriously is distracted by nay sayers and propaganda activists.

Joy lost her mother less than two years ago and was very close to her. It was the mother who usually conversed with Joy on the phone while she was in Mankessim, while the father spent most of his time in Bibiani, and therefore had no real knowledge of her daughter's acquaintances and connections. Indeed when the mother was taken ill, Chronicle is aware of Joy's desperate cries for help and the parties she turned to.

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