01.09.2006 General News

Proposed gay conference still sketchy

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The government has sent the strongest indication yet that it will not tolerate mushrooming gay and lesbian communities in the country.

There are reports of a planned international conference of homosexuals in the country on the 23rd of September this year. Information about the conference, billed for the Eastern Regional capital, Koforidua is sketchy.

But the government says it will not tolerate such a gathering. The Minister for Information and National Orientation has issued a stern warning to the organizers of the conference against holding any such event in the country.

Gays and lesbians are everywhere in Ghana today.

The Gay and Lesbians association says its membership increases by the day. That might include the lady or gentleman nest door, a colleague at the office, or perhaps your church member.

Students at secondary level, top men and women in society, from diverse professions including politicians are but a few examples of the gay members of our society today. If you don't believe me listen to the president of the Gay and Lesbians association Prince McDonald.

According to Mr. McDonald the gay community has at least five hundred members in Accra alone. There are reports of an international gay conference to be held in Ghana next month, but in the first ever-public statement on the phenomenon, the government has indicated it will not tolerate any gay or lesbian jamboree.

Minister for Information and National Orientation Kwamena Bartels has cautioned that unnatural carnal sex is illegal under the country's criminal code. According to a statement issued in Accra, Homosexuality, lesbianism and bestiality are therefore offences under the laws of Ghana. In blunt language

Mr. Bartels says government will not permit the proposed conference, which would have brought gays and lesbians from all over the world to Ghana. Consequently the government has directed the Minister for the Interior to investigate, the officials who are purported to have given permission for the holding of the conference.

The Interior Minister is also expected to institute disciplinary action if the organizers are found to have contravened the laws of the country.

Government says it does not and will not condone any such activity which it says violently offends the culture, morality and heritage of Ghanaians.

Well, the government statement seem to suggest that there's no place for people who believe in same sex, referring to the laws of the country, the morality and culture of the people

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