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From Zero Tolerance To Zero Values – Ghana Deserves Better

By CPP(UK& Ireland)
From Zero Tolerance To Zero Values – Ghana Deserves Better
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The year was 2000 and Ghana had faced a near 20year rule of PNDC/NDC government. Ghana's debt stood at $6billion and many were asking what the money had been spent on, inflation had seen peeks and troughs, mostly high peeks, unemployment had risen sharply, and the gap between rich and poor had widened, corruption was rampant. The nouveau rich were in NDC colours and were viewed by many as a quasi military government. The media were quick to crudely dub their era as the era of “Shitocracy”. NDC reign produced poverty, insecurity and dangerous division especially among ordinary people .
The populace was ready in 2000 for change and that change was delivered to the NPP, in a second round vote.
The NPP was not offering a clear vision for the country but espoused values that many were prepared to rally round – simplistically summed up as, development in freedom, the rule of law, zero tolerance on corruption, positive change etc.
The unexpected nature of their win soon became clear for all to see – the HFC loan saga, the Hammersmith Hair Saloon loan saga, the rush to declare Ghana HIPC, legal blunders at the Attorney General's department etc.

“Bambagate” , “Bintimgate” , “Essekugate”, “Ananegate” and many numerous other minor “gates” made Ghanaians realize that their dream around the limited values many were prepared to gather round would not be delivered under an NPP Government.
Corruption had re-emerged even more rampantly in an indecently short period after the “positive change” election, laced with biting arrogance.

The NPP government of Ghana has not demonstrated evenhandedness in operating a “rule of Law”, Government officials who are implicated in scandal are simply shunted aside instead of being charged, or brought to a court of law to face the rigours of Ghanaian criminal justice. State officials who commit criminal acts are simply retired.
There are many instances of corruption which testify to the fact that corruption continues unabated and under the nose of Government.

The high incidence of Ghanaian involvement in Cocaine trafficking in recent months and the current cocaine scandal would seem to be the last straw, and a wake-up call for many.
Ghanaians traveling through any major international airport are currently facing long delays, as their luggage is searched for drugs coupled with the further indignity of dogs sniffing every man, woman or child of Ghanaian origin coming through arrival halls.

Our beloved Ghana has seemingly moved from “Zero Tolerance” to Zero Values.

Ladies and Gentlemen fellow Ghanaians, enough is enough, our near 50 year old country deserves better, Ghana deserves change, for change in itself is a solution to our crisis. It is the only way to teach the politicians that the people will not be taken for granted, that the power of the people is supreme.

So what do we as Ghanaians need to do to deliver Ghana from the clutches of drug barons, cocaine smuggling MP's and their protectors in high places.

The NDC's recent statement that they will deal with the issue in 2009 is laughable, because the time for action is now and everyone has a role to play whether you are busanga, wangara, mande-busanga, grusi, vagala, sisala, mo, kasena (paga), mole-dagbon, walba (wala), nanumba, nankansi and gurense, namnam (nabdon), mamprusi, kusasi, dagomba, dagarte (dagaba), builsa, (kangyaga or kanja), gurma, salfalba (sabulaba), pilapila, kyamba (tehamba, baasari), kokomba, bimoba, guan, yefi, Nchumuru, krachi, nkonya, gonja, cherepong, larte, anum, awutu, efutu, senya, avatime, nyongbo, tafi, akpafu, lolobi, likpe, ewe, ga-dangme, ga, dangme, wassa, sefwi, nzema, kwahu, fante, evalue, denkyira, chokosi, boron (brong) including banda, asen (assin), asante, aowin, akyem, akwamu, akuapem, ahanta, ahafo and agona or other. We must all become centers of resistance against drugs and the callous men and women who profit from it against the greater good. We must all be resolute in our determination that Ghana will not become anyone's dumping ground for drugs, that Ghana will not be anyone's marketing house for drugs, that the brand - “Ghana” - which we have all toiled hard to establish will not be sacrificed on the alter of greed by a selfish few and their friends in high places.
As 2008 approaches we know those who are responsible for tarnishing Ghana's image, we know those who have failed the country nationally and internationally , we know those who put self before country, and we must vote accordingly.

Forward Ever ! Backward Never!

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