25.08.2020 Opinion

What Future Does The Ghanaian Child Have??

By Redeemer Kwasi
What Future Does The Ghanaian Child Have??
LISTEN AUG 25, 2020

It is saddening the future our political leaders are promising as us youths and the kind of comparison of policies they are doing. In all this, the saddest part of it is those that will be suffering from all this is we the less privileged and not the children of these politicians.

Today we hear political promises of legalizing Okada for we the youth of Ghana something which the medical community is kicking against for its contribution towards the rate of increase in accidents on our roads but this notwithstanding some moving to compare this promises to a flagship program of another party which aims at employing graduates youths temporarily and continues equipping them for the job market and listening to some of this things keep wondering if our politicians have any idea towards the wellbeing of the Ghanaian child. Because as we speak many of them will not allow their children to go through some of these things.

Today in some part of the word they are thinking of industrial expansions to help employ more of their labour forces today what we see in our country is we have the young ones at home and those that have save in some public sectors and are due for retirement are still maintain active services all in the name of contract but all that we can be promised as youths of this country who are the prospective future leaders is the legalization of okada which most countries know for it are putting measures in place to put a stop to its operation.

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