24.08.2020 Feature Article

Our Nation's Wealth And Resources Must Benefit All Ghanaians - Not Just A Powerful And Greedy Few

Our Nation's Wealth And Resources Must Benefit All Ghanaians - Not Just A Powerful And Greedy Few
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That Ghanians are a hard-working and aspirational people, is not in doubt. What we must ensure, is that in the transformation of our society, our nation's wealth and abundant natural resources, benefit all our people - not just a powerful few with greedy ambitions: to paraphrase the great President Nkrumah.

To use a Ghanaian pidgin English phrase: Make you hear well, well, oooo, Massa. Let us unite as a people, and get rid of those amongst our ruling-élites, who don't understand that the wealth and resources of our nation, should never end up in the hands of a powerful few, when it can give all the people of Ghana, some of the highest living standards anywhere on the surface of the planet Earth.

We have enough wealth and resources, which can be harnessed, exclusively, for common-good purposes, instead of ending up in the hands of a few well-connected greed-filled regime-cronies.

Examples are: access to free education from kindergarten to tertiary level, paid for (using state-issued Huawei smartphones-for-all-citizens enabling citizens to interact with officialdom), with Bank of Ghana (BoG) digital money, deposited into individual BoG accounts, opened for every citizen above age 5. Cool.

There will also be accommodation in well-designed and well-built green towns and cities (for all families that need them), in new green, world-class communities with forest gardens, for all families that need them, who will pay for them over 35 years, in agreed affordable installments, using their BoG digital money for that purpose, from their own citizen-BoG-accounts

The same direct payment method will also provide access to educational institutions, providing fee education from kindergarten to tertiary level, for all who need that basic human right, but cannot afford to finance it, on their own.

Ditto access to world-class healthcare facilities, which get paid directly by patients (using their BoG digital money from wallets on their Huawei smartphones-for-all-citizens, which have apps detailing all healthcare costs), for the use of diagnostic equipment, labs, medication from pharmacies, etc., etc., nationwide.

That is how our nation's wealth and resources can benefit all Ghanaians - instead of ending up in the grasping hands of a well-connected, greed-filled and powerful cabal. Hmmm, Oman Ghana, eyeasem ooooo - enti yewieye paaa enei? Asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa. So, dear reader, listen well, well, oooo. Hmmmm. Yoooooo...

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