23.08.2020 Article

It Is Time We Change Our Political Drives

By Redeemer Kwasi
It Is Time We Change Our Political Drives
LISTEN AUG 23, 2020

As the political season is here with us once again it is time for as electorate to change our political drives towards development our various communities than enriching ourselves. What will it benefit us if we enrich ourselves today and the generations after us suffer from the same things we are suffering from today. Many communities are ten years late in terms of development as a result of some selfish individuals who only try to enrich themselves to the detriment of their communities. As a matter of fact, we have moved beyond those times that some are of the view that even if it is a goat that is on a ticket of party A or B we will still vote for it because this is some of the things that resulted in the ten years deficit in the development of some communities. As we are in the season no, let us not allow any political opportunist to come round to influence us into voting for any political party for what he or she will get.

Let us pause to reflect on what it will benefit us if we are given GH₵200 and our communities continue to be underdeveloped.

Redeemer Kwasi

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