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Is He a Celebrated Historian he who Conspires to Enslave his Townsfolk?

Is He a Celebrated Historian he who Conspires to Enslave his Townsfolk?
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Is he who has a Masters or PhD degree in history a celebrated historian? Rephrasing my question, who is said to be a renowned historian?

Yes, one may be very knowledgeable in history and can publish several studious articles of history. Such a person can be revered. I have no qualms about that . He can be given a pat on the back for their great historical knowledge acquired through many years of higher learning. However, their knowledge, in my personal opinion, becomes irrelevant to society if they are unable to stand up to defend the truth drawing on their abundance rich knowledge when the occasion calls for it.

In my country of birth, Ghana, most of the citizens, if not all of them, do respect people for the sake of their abundance of wealth, higher paper qualifications, positions in government, higher public or private sector posts they hold, or for their nobility. They do not respect these persons for their positive contributions to society but simply for what they are, as just said above. They can be wicked to the country, very selfish and greedy yet, as long as they are rich or highly educated, it is more than enough for them to automatically win the affection of the populace.

If you are a renowned historian, knows the truth according to the historical facts available to you because of your in-depth knowledge acquired over many years of higher learning, but cannot bring yourself to apply your knowledge truthfully in great time of need, then I am afraid, you are very useless to society. You acquire knowledge to exercise it to benefit not only your insatiable greed, but to benefit your country and people, if not humanity at large.

How can I bring myself to respect or kowtow to a so-called renowned historian, when he does not only bury his head in the sand like an ostrich when his ancestral place of birth is all aflame, but aids outside criminals to set his own place of birth ablaze?

Sorry, I may be seen as very cruel condemning such an acclaimed historian. This is because he may not know all but specialised in a particular area of history. Nevertheless, for such a great historian to come out to claim knowledge in the history of his place of birth like the back of his hand, but fails to stand up to defend his town against external invaders holding false historical information to claim authority over his town and people is unheard of. It negates any claim of his to unrivalled knowledge in history that makes others see him, and applaud him, for his outstanding knowledge.

I shall only advise those who aver that they know history, with their knowledge of history reaching to the higher firmaments, to be careful not to be judged by posterity as having failed them when their assistance was urgently needed.

For whatever one does, he stands to be judged by God and posterity. If you do good, God will pay you; if you do bad, God will pay, as said by the late Nigerian music artist, Prince Nico Mbarga in his song, "Simplicity".

Those of you knowledgeable in Kumawuman history, please, let us hear from you on the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. Let the truth and your guilty conscience guide you to stand up tall in defence of Kumawuman against external greedy traditional adventurists.

I rest my case.

The battle is the Lord's, and with God on our side, we shall win!

Rockson Adofo

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