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21.08.2020 Religion

What Price Are You Willing To Pay That Men Be Saved?

By Richmond Duafah
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We cannot pretend JESUS CHRIST is not returning back despite what we call delay. We cannot pretend there won’t be anything like JUDGEMENT DAY despite our diverse religious and tribal perspectives. We cannot pretend death, sickness or disease cannot knock on anybody’s door unaware and at anytime and anywhere. There is no argument about whether we are going to spend eternity or not, the question has to do with location: HEAVEN or HELL? There is no need arguing about whether we will die or not because we will, the question becomes what is next?

The Scriptures made it clear to us in Rev 20:12 that “I saw the dead both Great and Small standing before the throne to be judged”. Meaning a day is coming where the Chief Executive Officer and the Cobbler will be in the same queue to be judged. A days is coming where the President and the Cleaner will be in the same queue to be judged. A day is coming where the UN officials and the prisoner will be in the same queue. The Judge will judge according to the things written in the book and the righteous will be in Heaven whiles the wicked and all they that rejected Jesus Christ will be in eternal punishment. The question becomes WHAT PRICE ARE YOU PAYING TO ENSURE THAT MEN ARE SAVED?

Look at Apostle Paul’s price in 2ND Corinthians 11:24-26: “5 times the Jews have given me their punishment of 39 lashes with whips, 3 times I was beaten with rods. One time I was almost stoned to death, 3 times I was in ships that was wrecked and one of those times I spent the night and the day in the sea. And in my constant travelling I have been in danger from rivers, from thieves and from my own people. I have been in danger in cities and in places where no one lives and on the sea”. Father Damien of Molokai has to preach to lepers until he became a leper Himself just to win them to Jesus Christ until his demise in 15th April 1889. The Monrovian church has to become slaves in order to reach the slaves for Christ. Question: WHAT PRICE ARE YOU PAYING THAT MEN BE SAVED?

A Medical Doctor doesn’t just recommend a befitting burial for a loved one in an almost impossible situation, you recommend Christ because life continues after death. A CEO doesn’t only employ people to ensure they achieve the target but must also ensure their lives are in alignment with the Christ. Managing Director doesn’t only manage people, you must lead them and ensure their souls are secured. No matter your contribution to your nation or society, if your contribution is not adding to the “Kingdom come agenda” and bettering the lives of the people, it is an exercise in futility. Jesus Christ should be exalted in every endeavour of human strata.

When was the last time you emptied your account for a community to be saved for Christ? When was the last time you woke up midnight to pray and your prayer was not “Lord when is my spouse appearing” but “Lord please save my community from Prostitution and drunkenness, Let Salvation come”. When last did you raise SOULS and not FUNDS during a joint service? When last did you preach or heard a message repentance from sin and alignment with Christ Jesus? THERE SHOULD BE A PRICE YOU ARE PAYING TO BE SAVED, WHAT PRICE ARE IS IT?

Prayer: Lord Jesus! I avail myself to be a vessel of honour to you. Grant me grace to pay whatever price it will take to draw men to you. Thank you

R. Duafah

[email protected]

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