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God has killed me - Part 13

God has killed me  - Part 13
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"Shall we go inside?" asked Mallam Gholam getting up followed by his guests. He was walking around his house to enter a small structure that looked like a smaller version of the house he had built years back for his family. There was no wooden door to close the space only a curtain dividing the inside from the outside. "So that our spirits can fly to their destination," explained Mallam Gholam and smiled about the surprised looks of his German guest. Princess kept herself away from the men and waited outside for their return.

Mr Karl was taken to the back of the room that was in darkness to the loving and caring eye of people. He had a hard time to find the seat on the floor he was supposed to sit on. Eventually, he managed to find his place in the darkness of the room and asked further question: "So, here the people come, they tell your their story and wishes and when they have given you the money advance, you start your job. Is this basically correct?"

"That is precisely right, Sir," agreed Mallam Gholam with what Mr Karl had said and wanted to find out.

"I can see here so many things, I mean little and bigger statues, than feathers and small drums, I see a little bottle with something red inside which is what?"

"Human blood!" was the simple and straight forward answer.

"You mean...," was Mr Karl not convinced and uncertain, "you mean...real human blood?"


"Yours?" was Mr Karl asking with wide-opened eyes and wildly pumping heartbeat.

"No... blood from the person I am supposed to end its life so that another person can stand powerful in the middle of the family and its inheritance," answered Mallam Gholam with simple words.

"But how...," was Mr Karl more confused than before, "but how on earth is it possible that you can get the blood from your future victim?"

"Simple", started Mallam Gholam to explain is moderate of operation, "I have asked the rest of the family, the couple that was here, for blood of her uncle. They made sure he had a minor accident. While they pretended to heal his wounds and to care for him, in fact, what they did is to take his blood and put it into this little container so that I can now start to do my work."

"You feel no shame?"

"Why should I? Do you feel ashamed to do your work?" asked Mallam Gholam in straight forward words.

"No... not at all...but," was Mr Karl cut short.

"So, you do not feel ashamed of your work and if you want to tell me that this is not normal work...Sir, such ideas never fly with me. This is my work, I was made for my I perform, simple and straight forward."

"In any work, people get judged for their performance...I mean, how can you know, or your clients know that you are successful or not?"

"They tell me and overtime...I am successful!"

"Successful...but why?" wanted Mr Karl to get down to the truth of the man sitting right in front of him.

"I am who I am... that`s it!"

"Interesting," mentioned Mr Karl and took some minutes of silence to think. Then he asked: "Can you tell me more stories?"

"More stories?"

"Yes, please. For me, this is all so exciting, out of a world I have never known about. It's like the world of Aliens here in this room!" said Mr Karl while looking around and around trying to discover and see as much as possible. This sense was making a roller coaster, up and down, and up and down again.

"A family of mother and father with six children, the oldest son joined a gang of motorbike riders making a living by taking people as passengers on their bikes, illegal in our country yet down often...and this young man is in Kumasi. He just recently said to his two years younger sister he would come for her to kill her just like he intends to kill his parents also."

"To kill...what for?" was Mr Karl shocked and in disbelief.

"The gang wants power, so their new member has to prove himself worth being accepted in the gang of criminals...all of young age. And so, he has to sacrifice part of his family starting with the sister. Their uncle once a university graduate is a mad man now. He is running around the country stealing from others, when having work cheating on his bosses and when fired going back to his parents in Kumasi that is fed up with him and does no longer care for him and his life...only for their own safety."

Mr Karl closed his eyes, opened them again, closed them one more time and opened them again and said: "I must be standing right in the middle of a cheap and very bad movie!"

"This is the reality of Ghana!"

"When this is the reality of Ghana," tried Mr Karl to think and think hard," that case, it is no wonder what the status of this country is all about!"

"Does it make you wonder that Blacks from here when going abroad want only contact to Whites and avoid their own black fellows as much as even possible?" asked Mallam Gholam sitting still like a concrete pillar of his own house.

"So not to be haunted by the evil spirits they carry?"

"Your understanding is extremely well developed...your mind is sharp as a knife can be...congratulations, Sir," got Mallam Gholam up to lead Mr Karl into the open. "We Blacks we do not trust each other, not here, not in Africa not around the world. The reason you can now understand as evil forces are fighting each other and over each other...and the good forces of our Christian churches sometimes disturb us in the process. So, we know so well we have to pray on both sides of the coin to pay the rent at the end of the day and take dominion of our place in life!"

"Now I better understand why Africa is so divided and Blacks say that doing business with Whites is based on trust more than on their own continent. Very interesting to know. But Sir, let me ask you this one. When this all is true in the end it means as there is an alleyway for the Whites in all these spiritual fights you have in this country and Africa at that case, the spirit of the White Man can have easy access to mess you up very well...isn`t it?"

"You are dangerous, Mister. Your understanding of us is too good already. You are really dangerous!" wanted Mallam Gholam both guests to leave his premises right away. He went back to his Juju place to pray in evil words.

"No Mr Karl," directed Princess his German friend passing few modern houses at the edge of Sakumono Lagoon heading towards the junction where the tarred road was making a right turn and the untarred road was leading towards Spintex Road. Stepping from the tarred road onto the dusty grounds they made their way in the heat of the early afternoon parallel to the railway tracks on the Tema-Accra line with an ultra-modern train station in the near distance. One idle Officer was sitting in his guardhouse awaiting the next train to pass in two hours’ time. The trains seed were well sprayed from the outside but not fit for purpose. Bought recently from abroad the comfortable train well suitable for colder countries were breaking down in this climate never tested extensively before the purchase contract was signed by the Government. Only critical minds would ever think that some officials would have taken their good share from the contract. It was proven knowledge that when buying Governmental property such as state-owned companies Government Officials like to open their hands or pushed themselves into the deal by securing shares for themselves. Many foreign investors know that as they listen to their own business folks trusting their experiences for which reason they had made the decision not to waste and money in this country but make a secured profit in countries with less stress and greater certainty of getting their money back. The elite of our nation will never have to suffer but enjoy a good life while the majority of people suffer and suffer in a vicious circle or leaving to abroad legally or illegally.

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