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Rev Dr.  Bonsu, A Real Gallant Soldier Of The Cross

By Jessey Kuntu Blankson
Rev Dr.  Bonsu, A Real Gallant Soldier Of The Cross
LISTEN AUG 20, 2020

What news have I heard? I still hear the chirping of the birds but can not find where they are.In my lazy chair,sipping my hot coffee tea while listening to BBC news.The phone give signal,notifying me on a message sent by Life way Baptist Church Social Media Page.I quickly drunk my hot coffe tea copiously to read trending news on social media

I can not believe this.Is that true?Has Rev Dr Osei Bonsu passed away?Tributes on social media begins to pour.I could not believe until i called Ghana Baptist Convention Office.The same news i saw on social media was told.

I recount earlier days when i was searching for a bible believing church ,I came across Life Way Baptist church,a non denomination church located at East Legon.

One could ask,why do u have to travel the way from Bubiashie to East Legon.Are there not bible believing church in the area I stay?Why do u have to waste money to attend church at a far place?

I believe the above make sense.But the answer to the above question is that ,am still searching for Jesus.

What deadly news have we heard.Is it true that a gallant soldier of the cross has been called to glory.

News of Papa sudden death has been received with shock and sadness amidst tributes from many congregation across the country and beyond.

The tributes invariably,especially from social media describe him as a "gallant soldier of the cross", who devotedly mentored many young christians with a great deal of passion and affability.

My life journey to find Jesus Christ is never complete without the Late Rev Dr Edward Osei Bonsu.Let me emphatically state that,it was under the tutelage of Rev Prof Enoch Agbozo n Council of Ministers of Ghana Evangelical Society that really helped me to understand church mission the Triune God .

.I strongly beleive the story of Ghana Baptist Convention is not complete without mentioning Rev Dr.Edward Osei Bonsu.

A man who made sure his family take God seriously.Always,Papas family was in church.

I recount how he told his life story in Kenya.Where things became difficult.He never gave up but continue to beleive in Jesus

I cannot forget about his time to church.

I also recall some earlier statements made when the deadly Ebola disease begun to to spread.Reverend Osei-Bonsu, described as unnecessary, the ban on handshakes and hugs by some churches due to the Ebola outbreak.

Are they saying we shouldn’t greet each other?

“A greeting is a greeting, either you say good morning to the person or you shake the person’s hand.”

He stated that the church has not given any directive to the congregation to stop handshakes and hugs and does not intend to do so, “unless you have a cause to say that there is somebody amongst you who has Ebola.”

“None of our members have Ebola.

This statements really touched me.

He will be the first to come to church with his brownish Kia Car park in-front of the church.

Today as he is gone ,we still celebrate him.Death cannot ever conquer the love n memory i have for late Rev Dr Edward Osei Bonsu

Public response to the death of papa in social media has been overwhelming,to say the least.The expressions of sympathy, condemnation, empathy and anger have been simply amazing.

Infact the inky fraternity within Ghana Baptist Convention has really lost a great gem and a strong pillar.


Rev. Dr. Edward J. Osei-Bonsu, Former Director for Christian Education and Church Development.He retired after 12 years in ministry with the Ghana Baptist Convention. He was the Senior Pastor Of Life Way Baptist Church.

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