24.08.2006 Disaster

"I want to die"

LISTEN AUG 24, 2006

The Ashanti region town of Adadientam, near Ejisu is captivated by the antics of a man suspected to be harboring suicidal sentiments.

The man who has given his name as Thompson Ameyaw was discovered perching on a high tension electricity pylon yesterday at around 11am and has remained there since.

Ameyaw who has been communicating with the bewildered onlookers has refused to descend the high tension pole till his mother is brought over to him.

According to Luv FM's Saeed Ali Yakub, Thompson Ameyaw has passed on the telephone number of his mother who is said to be in Takoradi to come over.

When contacted however, the mother said it would be difficult for her to make it.

A team of officials of the National Fire Service, Electricity Company of Ghana and the other security agencies have pitched camp at the base of the pylon.

A rescue attempt by the team was abandoned after Ameyaw is said to have strung onto the high tension cables which has been disabled by the ECG.

Ameyaw who says he's frustrated in life, claims to have given birth to twins he's unable to cater for and that life has become unbearable.

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