18.08.2020 Press Release

You Cannot Eat Your Cake And Have It---Mahama Told

You Cannot Eat Your Cake And Have It---Mahama Told
LISTEN AUG 18, 2020

The current administration inherited a bastardized economy with a despaired population, implanted by cronyism and bureaus whose preoccupation was to skew public gains in favor of their egos, and delight in the anxiety of the underdogs and the vulnerable citizenry.

Ridiculous as acknowledged by all instruments of measure, this same ruthless tyrants and self-acclaimed demigods, have the obscene effrontery, salivating for power with the unchanged consummate irritating demeanors.

I have scrutinized Mahama's person and familiarized his awkward and balky characters and that, chronic persistent in wrongdoings motivates his appointments, hence, the economic despondency the nation witnessed under his retrospective sway.

It took the current astute government to activate resiliency, innovations, and unmitigated skills to redesign conducive Ghana that we acknowledge today (though interrupted by COVID-19).

The obvious international recognitions that Ghana has obtained, the suffocation of the nation's dismay by His Excellency the current President through execution of monumental policies in the vacuum of education, employment, security, formidable Banking system among others worth to be gratified.

Mahama's coming back is null and void. We can no more entrust the nation into the hands of the reluctant and the headmost for the establishment of such unpardonable agony.

You cannot harm the nation and expect milky gratification in exchange. Will you still have a mother after committing matricide? No. You cannot eat your cake and have it too.


Poyooyo City Youth Activists

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