Uncouth World

By Nana Ama Nyanta Amoah
Poem Uncouth World
AUG 18, 2020 LISTEN

I get scared that womanhood has been reduced to the flatness of a tum;
Yet the fattening of a chest and bum.
I get scared that now it’s about the lipo you suction not the tomes your tuition.
I get scared for our fledgeling generation and their ambition; 
I get scared of the ideologies their petit minds are exposed to; 
I’m afraid of what their perception of a woman might lead to.

I pinch because I’m afraid… 

I’m afraid for my sons and daughters.
I’m afraid that their lives may be tied to a dosh
When it’s only a means and not an end.
I’m afraid of how they’ll sail through life uncorrupted
Since morality has become a thrust
And the unimaginable… a ‘bien joué’!

I’m simply petrified,

Petrified of what the oldest institution might mean to them – nonentity!
Their acuity of me when my eyes blur and my legs teeter,
And their perception of life and living it.
But how can they also be blamed when they convert to materialism?
Songs that are to afresh souls flush out money in the air
And flicks that are to instil virtue scheme vice.

Life has now been equated to money not values!

If our language and actions are not guided;
If songs are not censored;
If movies are not scissored;
If society is not tailored; 
Posterity will tie our legs and hang our boots, 
And the things we crave and die for will be otiose to a spoilt-brat generation.


Have tomorrow in mind when you lie to think
Have tomorrow in mind when you sit to write
Have tomorrow in mind when you trot to work
Have tomorrow in mind when you stand to speak
Have tomorrow in mind when you walk in deeds
When I see our now, I get scared.


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