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Be Transparent on Millennium Account (MCA)

Be Transparent on Millennium Account (MCA)
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On Tuesday 15th August 2006, A Ghana News Agency (GNA) item carried by the Ghana web, had this headline;


The source indicated that the launch would be held on the Mallam-Tetteh Quarshie road near the ABRANTIE SPOT. The source further indicated that the road was significant since about 101million dollars, representing about 1/6th of the total sum, would be spent on expanding the road into a six lane one. READ FULL STORY.LINK.

On the day of launch, 16th August, the President, outlining some of the activities that the money would be used on, did not give specifics as to how much would be disbursed on the various projects. However, he said, part of the money will go into the construction of a 14 kilometer six-lane dual carriage from Mallam junction to link the Tema Motorway for quicker transportation of exports especially farm products to the ports.
14 kilometers equal approximately 8 miles. 8 multiply by 6 Lanes equals 48miles. Does the Government want to tell the people of Ghana that 101 million dollars is going to be spent on that stretch of road from Mallam to Tetteh Quashie exchange?
May be, the board of directors of the Millennium Challenge Account, can answer these few questions to set the minds of numerous Ghanaians free, including the writer.
1) Why can't they maintain the same four lane continuation from the existing Motorway, instead of 6 lanes?
2) What type of road are we going in for with that kind of money, asphalt or concrete just as the existing motorway?
3) Even if there is the need for the 6 lanes, is the amount budgeted for the project, really justified?
4) How much in dollars will actually be spent per each mile or kilometer?
It is very important to come out with these answers otherwise especially for question number three, I will suggest that 101 million dollars for that short distance is colossal, regardless and must be revisited and for God's sake let there be real TRANSPARENCY.
Any contractor who would be awarded the construction of that road will have to answer for any misdeed someday. We cannot spend that kind of money only for the road to last two raining seasons.

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