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Kofi Boakye's Lawyers On Daily Guide and also to Petition Interior Minister

Kofi Boakye's Lawyers On Daily Guide and also to Petition Interior Minister
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Lawyers for ACP Kofi Boakye have expressed their resentment at the refusal by the Managing Editor of Daily Guide newspaper, Mrs Gina Blay, to disclose her informant to the Justice Georgina Wood Committee.

They concede however, that Mrs Blay's decision is legally acceptable, since it boarders on Ethics.

On Monday, Mrs Gina Blay told the Georgina Wood Committee that her paper would not be able to disclose the identity of the informant who disclosed to them, proceedings of the closed-door hearing which hosted IGP Patrick Achempong.

Mrs Gina Blay was invited to the Committee sitting after her paper published the in-camera testimony of the IGP before the Committee, sparking serious protests from ACP Kofi Boakye's lawyers.

The lawyers have subsequently threatened to go public with the entire transcript of the proceedings, if the right answers were not provided them as to who leaked the information.

They however rescinded their decision upon advice from the Committee.

This notwithstanding, the Committee deemed it fit to invite the Mrs Gina Blay to help the Committee in unraveling the mystery surrounding the leakage.

...Kofi Boakye To Petition Interior Minister

ACP Kofi Boakye, the Director General of Police Operations, who had been asked some weeks ago to proceed on leave, is set to petition the Minister for Interior about, what he describes as forcibly asking him to go on leave.

According to his lawyers, the decision to petition is bourn out of the fact that they think their client thinks he has been treated unfairly by the decision.

ACP Kofi Boakye was asked by the Minister for Interior to proceed on leave to allow for smooth investigation into the missing cocaine scandal, after his name had come up over a tape recording that was done at his residence, when he met with some suspected drug lords.

Kofi Boakye in his appearance at the Georgina Wood Committee had on several occasions, indicated his innocence by stating that he conducted himself during the said meeting as a professional Policeman.

Meanwhile, a day after the drug lords were arrested after testifying before the Committee, Kofi Boakye who until then was the Director General of Police Operations, was asked to proceed on indefinite leave and subsequent that an acting Director General of Police was appointed in his stead.

This, lawyers for Kofi Boakye, has described as worrisome, hence the resolve of their client to petition the Minister for Interior, possible by close of the day on Tuesday.

Lawyer Vincent Aikins, a senior associate of the Counsels for Kofi Boakye disclosed this to CITI NEWS.

In recent times, there have been discussions in the public domain to the effect that contrary to assertions by Kofi Boakye and his team that one of the participants at the said meeting recorded the meeting, the meeting might have been recorded by national security.

But with a stern conviction, the Counsel for ACP Kofi Boakye maintains that one of the participants was behind the recording.

Those present at the said meeting were Kwabena Amening (Tagor), Alhaji Issah Abass, Alhaji Moro Mohammed, Kwabena Acheampong and ACP Kofi Boakye.

Lawyer Vincent Aikens maintains that aside ACP Kofi Boakye, one of the others would be the one who recorded the meeting with the connivance of somebody, who obviously would have a clue to the missing 77 parcels of cocaine aboard MV Benjamin.
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