17.08.2020 Press Release

Bala Maikankan To Contest PNC National Vice Chairmanship Position

Bala Maikankan To Contest PNC National Vice Chairmanship Position
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Comrades of the people’s National Convention, I write to declare my intention to contest the first vice chairmanship position of our great party.

I have served the party at all levels and you are aware of my contributions both in cash and in kind, in our quest to help build a great party capable of winning government.

Comrades upon further consultation within and without, I have decided that with your support I’m going to be a part of the highest decision-makers of our party in order to ameliorate the performance of the party at all levels and in all regions.

I promise to,


Comrades, we must all accept the fact that the electorates have lost hope in the party and at as a result our fortunes continue to dwindle from all the elections we have participated from 1992.

We need people who are able and can easily attract votes to turn around the fortunes of the party.

Some of us are committed to ensuring that the PNC becomes a household name and at no point are we going to relent in this effort.

The spirit of hope is going to be breathed into the party given the opportunity to serve.


Comrades, I am not only seeking to lead the party but I’m much concerned about improving the capacity and human resource potentials of our people who are committed to ensuring that the PNC is attractive and electorable at the polls.

The party is broke and as a result of being in opposition for all these years, calls for us to elect people who have the capacity to raise resources to help embark on party activities.

Some of us are highly connected and as we have always helped in our own small ways, given the opportunity to serve at the vice chairmanship position will open doors to address logistical challenges of the party.

I am committed to ensuring that any resource raised in name of the party are used for the intended purposes.


The PNC is the most ideas oriented political party and Ghanaians have benefited immensely from our party and it is high time we develop policies and communicate them effectively to attract voters.

The PNC needs leaders who understand policy and would help initiate policies that will target people from different socio cultural background.

I am poised to ensuring that our policies are communicated in simple and comprehensible manner.


Leadership without a sense of coordination of activities is bound to fail.

I am going to ensure that all the 16 regional chairmen are not just arm chairmen but effective and efficient in the discharge of their duties.

We need leaders who would work together to improve the fortunes of the party and I will ensure that the party does not run a one man show.

Each and every member of the party has a role to play and all skills and competencies shall be brought to fore through effective collaboration exercises.

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