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Open Letter To The Minister Of Formation 

Open Letter To The Minister Of Formation 
LISTEN AUG 17, 2020

One thing I hate about some of my readers is that some of them are Konkonsa too much, my title has to do with the Minister of Formation so I don't know why they are whispering something else. But this will not distract me from writing my letter.I ran out of cash sometimes but never ran out of information. I. Will. Preach! Write! Act! And I know some will hate me for telling the truth, but what they have forgotten is that I’m a friend of a dead goat. I don’t fear Knife.

Dear Nok:

I have taken notice that you are trying hard to throw dirt on the young man from Bole because defeat is staring at you and your people in the face, and you think painting him black will help you? What happened to the purported Airbus scandal? I'm interested in that!

The dirt you people are trying to throw at him is an incongruous mix of folly, wickedness, and perhaps witchcraft. Please forgive me for my choice of words, I’m angry; my brain is screaming with electric fury! I’m sore sick about this rubbish!

It, however, remains to be seen if these attacks will have any effect on the Bole man because it is a truth universally acknowledged that things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.

There is something I want you to know, that posterity is still judging, and will continue to judge the young man from Bole. He is the type of person most people will look again; either with admiration or, more likely, envy. No one can suppress a cork in water. The young man from Bole is everything you people are not. Intelligent. Bold. Peaceful. Humble. Skillful. Charismatic. Honest. I’m not apotheosising him, I’m stating a fact. You people can use dirty tricks, but he will use finesse to overcome.

“For the Lord almighty has purposed, and who can thwart Him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turned it back?” Isaiah 14:27.

Nok, I want to remind you of a saying in Akan that whenever you see someone carrying water, you can drink as much as you like, but don’t try someone carrying a Kufour gallon of ogogoro. Before I conclude, your starlet girlfriend, Ama Gyimaa has asked me to give this letter to you:


Box 162


Hello Sweet boy,

My heart is beat kumkum, kumkum for your beautiful love as am write this massage to you. I like the things you do me at secret places. You make me see that the world is sweet also.

If your love is crime then I be policeman to catch it to my heart prison because it is not ordinarily love. But the things Iam freightend always is that many girls are want you, include old woman and marry woman. They do things to jealousy me.

You saw that many men are wanting me but am minding you only. So promise me that the devils will not win you from me, because I gived all my heart for you. Remember our enjoy times always.

I love you more than the all the sands in the beach. Forget me not or else you will be what a shock soon.

Your only girl lover,

Ama Gyimaa.

Nok, I'm sure your heart has started beating kumkum, kumkum after reading Ama Gyimaa's letter. I beg you don't do things that will jealousy her so that you don't become what a shock soon as she has warned.

Warm regards,

Anthony Obeng Afrane.

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