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More cocaine arrives

By chronicle
More cocaine arrives
LISTEN AUG 22, 2006

As the nation continues to battle over the cocaine scandal that hit the nation following the mysterious disappearance of quantities of narcotic drugs on high seas and in the hands of security agencies, The Chronicle can report that a drug-laden vessel is currently sitting on Ghanaian territorial waters.

The paper's International Intelligence sources who hinted the paper yesterday said the Vessel carrying the stuff could not dock at the coast because the Captains of the vessel had had the information that the owner of the vessel and its contents had been arrested in Tema over drug-related charges.

A quick investigation which was conducted after sources came through with the information indicated that one of the drug suspects who was recently arrested in Tema and put before court (name withheld) is the owner of the vessel which is still anchored in Ghanaian territorial waters.

Further investigations revealed that the vessel is a Reefer Brand and has been named after its owner who is now on remand. The paper was also credibly informed that the crew of the vessel, after hearing of the arrest of the vessel's owner deserted it and has since been at large.

Despite credible information that the vessel had been in Ghanaian waters for days now, key people connected with the nation's security seem not to be aware of the presence of the vessel in the nation's territorial waters.

Defence Minister Dr. Kwame Addo-Kufuor said that he was not aware of the presence of the vessel.

Moments after the paper ended its inquisition with the minister; he called the paper and noted that upon the paper's tip-off, he had alerted the Chief of Defence Staff, Navy Commander and the Commander of the Air force to act promptly on the matter.

Subsequently, the Public Relations Director of the Ghana Armed Forces, Colonel E. Nibo also called the paper seeking to have more information on the vessel from the paper.

When the Interior Minister, Mr. Albert Kan-Dapaah, was also contacted he refused to comment on the matter. He said he did not want to say anything concerning drugs and thus could not say yes or no to the Chronicle's question of whether he was aware of the presence of the cocaine-loaded vessel in Ghanaian waters.

The National Security Minister, Mr. Francis Poku, could not be contacted as he was said to have travelled out of the country.

The paper is reliably informed that yesterday, there was a meeting of all the Security Agencies in the country. It could not however be confirmed whether the issue about the vessel in question came up for discussion.

The vessel is believed to be anchored at the Tema break waters awaiting the conveyance.

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