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16.08.2020 Feature Article

Extension Of Maternity Leave For Women In Formal Sectors: Prof. Jane Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman Is Right — Prof. John Gatsi

Prof. John Gats
LISTEN AUG 16, 2020
Prof. John Gats

One month in the life of a nursing mother to receive paid leave due to child birth defines real inclusiveness in our democratic journey.

Countries with remarkable social sector development, pay attention to issues affecting women.

In some countries in Europe companies disclose social issues including disclosures about number of female employees as against the male counterparts in their annual reports.

It is not for nothing that India in March 2017, increased the number of paid maternity leave period from 12 weeks (3months) to 26 weeks (6.5months). It is to enhance the health status of nursing mothers and promote effective child care.

In Sweden, both parents have cumulative 480days of which the male parent has to take at least 180 days.

Enhanced maternity leave period from three months to four months will help support both parents and the child to achieve inclusive social and development indicators. The extra one month is a great commitment to ensuring care for women to achieve inclusive enjoyment of economic management.

It does not reduce productivity, it rather increases commitment and loyalty by beneficiaries.

A policy like this shows that dealing with the crucial needs of women such as extended maternity leave is an investment that produces only positive results.

Prof. John Gatsi
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