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University Fees Must Fall

University Fees Must Fall
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True Culture University-LEGON wishes to express support for the coalition of Technical University students in their demand for the government to reduce the next academic year fees.

As a Pan African collegiate organization, we deem it our responsibility to add our voice to the plight of students in Ghana, especially in this pandemic crisis. True Culture University-LEGON wishes to plead with the government of Ghana to extend the COVID-19 alleviation package to include all University students, regarding fee payments on the following grounds:

Parents working in the formal sector have been negatively affected by the pandemic. Salary reductions, layoffs, and high cost of living have caused a sharp reduction in income for savings.

Parents working in the informal sector also face instability, some have lost their jobs and others have closed down their businesses.

Some students who work to pay their own fees suffer job losses, low income, and high cost of living.

The residential fees paid in the just ending academic year were not utilized by students as schools were closed down. It will be unfair to repay residential fees when students could not live in the rooms they paid for in the previous semester.

Academic facilities were also not fully utilized by students after making payments for such services.

It is based on these disturbing realities that we plead with the government of Ghana to act in kindness and responsibility by reducing the next semester's academic fees for all University students.


President: Arhin Otoo.

Vice: Cecil Thompson

General Secretary: Solomon Kumi.

PRO: Derrick Nyamedi

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