14.08.2020 Poem


By Enoch Nii Aryee Quaye
14.08.2020 LISTEN

In the twilight of dreams & nightmare, 
the ageless sun rose from its cave not giving dead thoughts enough time to rot
Despite the creeping in of midnight chills,
I evolve in a muddy blend of addiction 

From whence cometh rain? 
As I peep over the walls of the future, 
debris of my past swept through the window 
My tingling limbs and brain races in search of solace
I tried in vain to escape hurricane of thoughts invading my path 

My heartbeat echoed with painful grief and unhelpful emptiness
On the promises of a new dawn, 
I found the joy of rebirth and renewal of the spirit
Here comes the rain, the rejuvenating liquid of grace that greets the earth with splendour. 

Just like steepy rivers,
My heart overflow with joy, peace & love
As I voyage in newness, my feet tread lightly over soils that support new spring growth,
I now envisage the world through the eyes of the destitute, & enslaved

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