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An Inspired Story: Being An International Youth

An Inspired Story: Being An International Youth
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The 12th of August each year is International Youth Day. Pretty cool right? Yes, it was the same day a young girl was born to this earth. I mean me, it is my birthday. I am super excited and I guess that was the same joy and happiness that filled my parent’s heart when they had me in their hands. It was a beautiful day to behold, I guess. For several years it felt like nothing mattered to me not until I got to my teenage age. This time, I began to clearly understand some basic principles of life. You know when you get to this stage, you feel and think differently right? Charley, this stage is just a whole world on its own, I must confess, I liked it.

However, I am sorry to say that I have transited from a teenager to an adult, a youth, a young person, and a woman. Hang on, I beg your pardon, all I am trying to say is that I am a youth, an amazing international one of course.

In my little world where I own my story and experiences, kindly permit me to share some keys lessons I have learned so far. I have not experienced much but hey maybe you can learn something from these few lessons.

First, be bold to approach and ask for help. My internship opportunities thought me this in a hard way. You need to understand the bit and pieces of everything. Ask questions if you need to and do not be afraid to ask for assistance if you don’t know. I am very reserved but one of my boss’s remark got me thinking. She said,” I don’t see your confidence whenever you approach me”. My boss was approachable and friendly. The problem was that I often get lost when I approach her due to fear. Now, I have crossed that hurdle and I have garner confidence. You can as well be better if you learn how to move past your fears and approach when necessary.

Second, have positive thoughts and let it reflect in your attitude. We all think right? Obviously yes but the underlining question is, what do we think about? Some of us have clothed ourselves in negative thoughts and sadly it reflects in everything we do. The low esteem syndrome and poor self-concept that keeps whispering into our ears that we are not enough, we are poor, we are good for nothing and many other negative assertations only steal our joy away. You know better about the things you do think of. I am not here to proclaiming sainthood. I do also think negatively sometimes. However, I do myself good by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Be kind to yourself. You have been trying; I know but give it some little push again with a positive mindset about the world you want to create for yourself. I bet you, you will be glad at the results because your thoughts are powerful just like you. You are a reflection of your thoughts.

Lastly, be grateful and do not give up.
Hmmm, I should just separate it and talk about it one after the other but here we are. Feeling gratitude makes magic. Be grateful for who you are and what you have. Life is just like a road, not a smooth one though. When you travel on a tiered road there is a feeling that comes with it, happiness right? How about journeying on a rough road with lots of winds, potholes, and your car starts to dance on the road when it hits a pothole? Aaarh driver, adjeeiiii, aaaw, so much pain, and discomfort. Do we get down because the car has hit the potholes when we have not gotten to our destination? No! Why? Because we have not gotten to our desired destination. Great thoughts and feedback on this! Such is life, we are on a journey and we are going to experience the smooth and rough phases of it. We just have to hang on there and believe everything will work out perfectly. You just need to put in some efforts, pray, and then give it your best.

I guess you feel refreshed now.
Thanks to you all for being part of my journey to becoming an international youth because it is International Youth Day. For those who are yet to join me on this journey, please fasten your seat belt because we are going to do more! Happy international youth day to all youth and happy birthday to meeeeeeeee # BeingAnInternationalGirl #GreatWomanRising #IYD2020 #GreatLearnings

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