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A Quick Note To The Purported-Emissaries Of The Paramount Chief Of Akyem Kwabeng - Who Contacted Me Apparently On His Behalf

A Quick Note To The Purported-Emissaries Of The Paramount Chief Of Akyem Kwabeng - Who Contacted Me Apparently On His Behalf
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I shall go straight to the point: I am writing to inform you, that, sadly, and very reluctantly, I have decided to call off the meeting scheduled for tomorrow. A thousand apologies. I am truly sorry that I have had to spring this on you, at the eleventh hour, so to speak. Do forgive me.

Based on intelligence, which I picked up, not too long ago, you are all apparently labouring under the illusion, that, somehow, you can take away my family's 14-square mile freehold, upland evergreen rainforest property, at Akyem Juaso. Amazing.

If that is true, then please be absolutely clear, in your minds, that that will never happen. Ever. No one in the Republic of Ghana, not even the President, can lawfully sieze our privately-owned land, to hand it over to any Chief, or any other Ghanaian citizens, for that matter. Period.

The idea that we can be deprived of our lawfully acquired, and legally registered Akyem Juaso rainforest property, purchased with the concurrence of Nana Ofori-Atta 1, from the then Gyasehene of Akyem Kwabeng, in 1921, and 1926, for £1000 all together (an astronomical sum then), is, with the greatest respect, nonsensical. It will never ever happen. Full stop.

If it is true that that corrupt and criminally -minded current Okyeame of Akyem Juaso (whose stock in trade is felling trees illegally on our said land), apparently thinks he can scheme, and successfully manipulate you, to somehow take our freehold land, away from us, and, be helped by you, to successfully grab what is our lawfully-owned freehold rainforest property, so that it can be handed over to the next Odikro of Akyem Juaso (now a vacant position following the death of the late incumbent, Barima Kofi Osei, my very good friend), as Stool land, means that he is even more stupid, than I previously thought he was. What perfidy.

Fuethermore, he is said to be lobbying furiously, for that now-vacant Chieftaincy position, and title, in order to ensure that a blood-relative, of his, apparently obtains it - which is where you too-clever-by-half lot, fit in, in his stupid-scheming. He can dream on - it is a free society after all, is it not? We will face all if you in court, if anyone dares to attempt any takeover of that land, which has belonged to my family since 1921, from the British colonial era. Yooooo...

Respectfully yours,

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