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Nation’s future looks bleak if NDC wins - Obed Asamoah

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Nation’s future looks bleak if NDC wins - Obed Asamoah
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The leader of the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah, has observed that the future of this country looks very bleak if the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is given the power to rule this country in 2008.

According to him, considering the amount of threats, insults and political vendetta from the leading figures of the NDC on the airwaves paints a gloomy picture of the nation, hence the need to reject them in 2008.

“Considering the political vendetta that some people are vomiting in the air that when they get back to power in 2008, I am afraid the future looks very bleak,” he declared.

He alleged that the level at which party goons in the NDC have been preaching political vendetta to imprison NPP officials for thirty or one hundred years, it was clear the ruling government would not allow such a situation to happen.

“Do you think that in such situations the NPP is going to allow you to take power?

And if they don't allow you to take power, what is going to happen then?” he asked with the response from the masses as “confusion and anarchy' Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah, who made this statement during the party's second public appearance at Afuamah, a suburb in the Trobu Amansaman Constituency in the Greater Accra Region over the weekend said, “There is going to be war if the NPP refuses to allow the NDC to get power.

We need peace and tranquillity in order to develop this country.” The former NDC national chairman revealed that political vendetta, acrimony and threats caused more harm to the nation by impoverishing the citizenry and urged the people to condemn such practices in the country.

Dr. Asamoah, who was accompanied by the interim National Chairman, Alhaji Ishmael Bawa Isaakah, Ms. Frances Assiam, Bede Ziendeng, John Amekah, members of the Promoters Council of the DFP; Neequaye Addison, DFP Regional Coordinator, Isaac Adjei, the acting Regional Secretary, Gilbert Barnor, former Second National Vice Chairman of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) and many others, made the observation when he and his party leaders met the chiefs, the opinion leaders and the people at Afuamah to introduce the DFP to them.

According to him, political victimisation, threats and vendettas dating back into history impoverished Ghanaians. He pointed out that in the days when some assets belonging to Convention Peoples Party (CPP) elements were confiscated and later left to rot, the nation, as well as the owners, had been impoverished.

The worst part of confiscation, according to the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Dr. Asamoah, was the lifestyle and wealth of people who were opposed to the acquisition of property, stating that it had actually caused havoc to the affected individuals.

“We know of a situation when somebody spent over US$3 million dollars to build a hotel in the airport area and as a political vendetta, somebody sent bulldozers to pull down the hotel without even allowing the owner an opportunity to take out beds, fridges and other things that he fixed in the rooms.

“This is wrong,” he underscored.

He stressed, “It is this kind of thing that impoverishes Ghanaians and it is so unnecessary.”

The DFP pillar noted that it was because of the aforementioned reasons that the DFP was not interested in political vendetta, saying, “We believe that when we come in as a government, we must build upon what is there and not destroy them.

“We must be very careful about how out of vengeance we try to impoverish the people”.

Admitting that the DFP has a long way to go, he expressed regret that the better communities had been denied basic necessities of life, citing poor roads as an example.

He described the situation where some residents were neglected in the sharing of the national cake as shameful, and pledged that if the DFP got into power, it would concentrate on settler communities in terms of development.

Underscoring that some of them were chased out of NDC with cutlasses and machetes, Dr. Asamoah, a veteran politician, called for change of attitude and was optimistic that with the presence of the DFP, other political parties would learn to change their attitude for the development of the nation.

The chief, the opinion leaders and people expressed their frustrations to the DFP leaders about how they were neglected to the extent that their living conditions were very deplorable.
The chief of the area, Nii Afuamah VIII, who spoke on the behalf of the people and welcomed the party, pledged their unflinching support to them. He however asked them to live in unity to develop the nation and also appealed to the DFP leaders not to forget them when they secure political power.

The chief promoters of the yet-to-be-outdoored political party and the chairman of the party, made various comments and appealed to them to consider the DFP as a major alternative to the NPP since its members have got the experience both from within governance and in opposition

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