12.08.2020 Feature Article

Ghanaian Resident in the United Kingdom Finds Herbal Cure for Asthma but….

Ghanaian Resident in the United Kingdom Finds Herbal Cure for Asthma but….
LISTEN AUG 12, 2020

A Ghanaian male residing and working in London, the United Kingdom, has a herbal cure for asthma. However, all his attempts to get any of the pharmaceutical companies in Great Britain to have a look at his curative herb drug have fallen on deaf ears.

By his assertions as confirmed by his work colleagues as could be seen in the video below, the herbal drug is of great efficacy. Some of his work colleagues who are asthma sufferers but no longer suffer from the disease after using the herbal drug, have completely done away with their asthma inhalers.

He may have desired to help a greater number of asthma sufferers throughout the world hence making all the needed efforts to have the big pharmaceutical companies accept it for extensive scientific test, then clinical trials etc. Sadly, things have not turned out as anticipated.

Here is where the saying, "count every misfortune as a blessing" comes in. Now that the western pharmaceutical companies don't want to know about any Ghanaian herbal cure for asthma, why not turn his attention to the pharmaceutical companies in Ghana? If they test it, find it curative as asserted, they can mass-produce it not only to cure asthma patients in Ghana but for export to other African countries, if not to other parts of the world.

It is about time Ghanaians or Africans impacted the world with our contributions toward making it a better place to live rather than always looking up to the whites for everything. We should not feel inferior to produce things of our own for both local and international consumption. Let the finder of the asthma herbal drug get it mass-produced in Ghana and once the world hears about its efficacy, those companies that have rejected him will come seeking him, similarly as the stone that the builder rejected became the head corner stone.

Before we are able to help manufacture it in industrial scale, how can we get some to buy for friends and family members suffering from asthma? Once I get some for my work colleague who is on asthma inhaler for several years now and it cures him, I shall be all out to help advertise it to hopefully get it produced in larger quantities in Ghana.

Ghanaians in our efforts to realise our dream of "Ghana beyond aid" will need to be able to come up with things initiated and produced in Ghana as it is with the asthma herbal drug under discussion.

Let Ghanaians patronise our own products. Let Ghanaians genuinely come up with ideas, the materialisation of which will make Ghana and by extension Africa, develop to the admiration and envy of all.

Asthma sufferers, please check the video and probably make contact. Asthma is a killer disease so we have to kill it before it kills us.

Ghana shall be great if we could honestly come up with innovations in every sphere of our socio-economic life. The sexual-enhancing concoctions as are constantly being advertised on radios, televisions and in passenger vehicles are not what I am talking about here but useful drugs like that for asthma in discussion.

Rockson Adofo

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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