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10.08.2020 Feature Article

God has killed me - Part 5

God has killed me  - Part 5
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He came with his entourage, a motor caravan of V8 Land Cruisers in their numbers, to the Western Region. It was a spectacular unimaginable in Germany, so common in Africa. Ministers, Government Officials, Honorable Members of Parliament, Press Corps, local Royals, and representatives from the Indian company involved all gathered under canopies. Lasting a whole morning in the bush around Komenda, the day long expected finally had come. Facing the coming elections few months down the line President Malcom Osei took great pleasure and pride to have made his way all from Accra to inaugurate a project that most certainly in is few increase his chances to be reelected in the December election, outsmarting his old rival, old not only long time standing rival, old in the sense of his years lived already. When no Media House was around and people of political parties were small in their numbers, both men sat side by side laughing cracking jokes they had learned in Moscow or Oxford. President Osei even teased his opponent and mentioned his small size, his little statue that was big in the papers, while in return had to hear the question why on earth in Ghana President´s wives do not look charming and beautiful. As African men, they laughed, they enjoyed women with big hips and bottoms; unlike the taste of the White Man that goes for slim ladies more, slim once with no gigantic breast that would easily knock a men down while her sitting on him during sex. The small sized rival during such often occasions would never stop asking him whether or not he still enjoyed his portrait branded on the Aayalolo Bus Rapid Transport buses along with all former Presidents saying the photo used made him look pretty smart indeed. Yes, of course the lady that was awarded the contract had cheated on the State of Ghana but in the end paid back half of the money asked for mounting to half a Million Cedis. Oh, absolutely true, when not under observation and scrutiny of the public, both were real buddies in mind. The differences in their political belief was marketing seeing politics as a game after all to write themselves into history book of the Nation and having a jolly good time travelling the world to be honoured by many Heads of States and welcomed by citizens of foreign lands that had no idea, no time to think behind the smiling and respective looking faces, yet still wondering why they had come to their foreign lands asking for financial and political support as their very own country had all needed natural resources to be great and strong.

"Protocol observed," ended President Malcom Osei his introduction seeing the gathered crowd that could have used the time very productively in their schools, factories, Government buildings and offices while sitting well protected under the erected long and wide canopies rented from a local dealer for the day. Finger food stood ready at long tables with drinks all paid for by the Ghanaian Taxpayer, God bless him. "As we have promised in our Manifesto before he came into office, what we see now here is the promised fulfilled. As a President of this country I am most grateful that the Indian contractor was able to fulfill its promise as well based on a well negotiated contract and very transparent procurement process observed beforehand, so that this region can be very happy today indeed. As we all stand before this new and modern factory, the Komenda Sugar Factory, we as a Nation can be immensely proud of ourselves indeed. The import of sugar from other countries in the past years has hit our currency and weakened our economy. We as a country all know that what we consume we must produce mostly here in Ghana and not import from outside. Let me remind you of my widely seen and appreciated interview before I left Davos from the World Economic Forum two years ago that a friend had called me asking me to bring chocolate home from Switzerland has in that country the best chocolate in the world is manufactured and while I was standing at the Airport about to departure back to Ghana my mind was set on the idea and conclusion that as Switzerland is not having and cocoa farms but we here in Ghana in fact grow the best cocoa beans in the entire wide world, for that reason the best chocolate should come from us. And now as we are gathered here all in our great numbers to support a great new history of our beloved Motherland Ghana...we are supposed to close our ranks and reduce the import of sugar but produce it by ourselves form our very own sugar cane that we will grow in big volumes here around the area. The local chief has just told me how much his people appreciate our initiative and I was humbled by his best wishes for my government and our upcoming elections. He has wished us as a party well and prays that we will win over our rivals that are not only small in numbers, but also small in size. .... Yes, I know you are all laughing about this joke as we all know the person I am talking about, someone with a great heart but a confused mind and wrong solutions for the immense problems this country is facing. Therefore I am so happy today to stand right before you and look at this Komenda Sugar Factory that will eventually employ seven thousand people in direct and indirect jobs, a great initiative of my Administration indeed in an area where jobs are not available in big numbers. So, as we inaugurate today this Factory...," unexpectedly did President Malcom Osei stop and looked around the place, starred into the eyes of the people gathered to find inner hold to his mind. He was shaking and tried to make sense of it all. He opened his eyes wide; he closes them for moments; he felt the hands of his personal body-guard under his right arm to support him and hold him upright. President Osei opened his eyes again, looked confused into the eyes of Victor Ataba unable to think straight.

"Mister President...please Sir...are you okay?" asked Victor Ataba stationed at Castle Osu. He felt his pistol at his belt. "Please Sir...are you alright?"

"He has come!" answered President Malcom Osei. "He has come!"

"Sorry, Mr. President...Who has come?" was Victor Ataba confused and at a loss of how best to help his Boss to avoid any embarrassment in public.

"I can feel it...he has come!" whispered President Malcom Osei as his voice failed him.

""Who is HE...Mister President?" kept Victor Ataba his arms round President Osei looking over to Okoro, the small sized man responsible for the management of the cars of the Presidency and signaled him with his eyes not to move otherwise more and more confusion and irritation would air the waves.

"I can feel it in me...he has come...touched down yesterday. I do not know where he is from and I do not know where he is at the moment right now. But I can feel it...he is here, and he is dangerous. He has come to expose me, you, and all of us...and we will have to fight him back, very serious. And if he does not stop, we have to stop him for good. We cannot allow him to tell the whole wide world the truth about us...never ever. What we do is our own business and not to be criticized in anyway, especially not from White People. This country is our own business, our own affair."

Victor Ataba had a hard time to keep President Malcom Osei upright on his feet. He looks him straight in the eye. As the President saw the gun Victor Ataba was carrying at his belt and the strength which he was holding him in both of his eyes, so deep brown, so confident, so obeying, he slowly made it back to the microphone and proclaimed: "Ghana might shake for a moment but will rise always above all problems that we have to face in our great country. Let us all see this Komenda Sugar Factory as a great symbol of what we Ghanaians are capable of to accomplish and lets all learn from our mistakes made in the past. Yes, we all have eyes to see and we all know much went wrong in years that are behind us. Cars procured standing idle behind Ministries, cars we once paid much money for and never used them. The silos in Tema port built to store cocoa beans when the price for this commodity is low yet never in use. No, my fellow Ghanaians, these times are truly over and with this Komenda Sugar Factory I promise you, we as a Party and Administration will not only have fulfilled our Manifesto promises but open a new chapter in the history of our great Motherland Ghana. This factory stands as a great symbol for a great mind, a vision for real, hard work, endurance, improved economy, honesty where corruption has no place anymore and innovation. Innovation in minds of our people is so vital to our success. Idea seen in innovations is the gold of the future. We in this world no longer live in darkness of hard work with our hands making them dirty but are part of a global economy that sits on ideas and makes themselves rich by just thinking and doing as they think. That is the revelation of our modern age. So, let us use this great opportunity to toast to ourselves and a new...a renewed Ghana that makes our country great and strong...and rich!"

The people attending got up and applauded President Malcom Osei. They could not stop to praise him for what he had done. Of course, they all knew deep in their hearts the money paid for the factory was not out of the personal money purse of President Malcom Osei but of the Taxpayers money purse, yet their conscience ignored the reality.

President Malcom Osei asked Victor Ataba to come and the body-guard bowed over to him said: "Find me this White Man that has come to Ghana. I want you personally to find him, observe him closely and if anything is suspicious about him, that he might become a treat to my Administration and legacy, I want to know it all. So, you personally are responsible for my safety from any evil plotted against me from this White Man that has touched down in our country yesterday. I can feel him deep inside me. And I do not want to have any sleepless nights that he behind my back without me knowing about him has, without me seeing his face and what his mind is up do any foolish thing against me and my Administration. You must promise me that!"

"Yes, Mister President, I will do as you have ordered me to do and save your life and your Presidency against anyone intending to harm you. I hear you, Mister President," said Victor Ataba before stepping back to the place reserved for the many body-guards that had stepped out of Castle Osu to protect the President of the Nation.

"The people in this country are funny people...that is what I sense," mentioned Mr. Karl laughing.

"What do you mean, Sir?" asked Joseph Trebarh while sitting together with the entire family around the breakfast table with a wax print tablecloth that had seen better days.

"I sense this is a great country, truly blessed by God. But, as the country is great, I feel the people are the problem. When we Germans come down here and handle your affairs, Ghana will be a paradise in the shortest possible time. But when all Ghanaians leave for Germany my country will be destroyed and ruined in the shortest possible time, I believe!" laughed Mr. Karl and enjoyed the laughter of his hosts.

"You have all the time of your life to prove your point," mentioned Princess and emptied the table after everyone had eaten his piece of sugar bread two days old.

"All the time of my life?" smiled Mr. Karl teasing his new friend he was in love with. "There is also something in life called ending, isn’t it?"

"But not you, Mr. Karl," was Princess guiding her German older friend to the door ready to show him the rest of the place and meet some of her friends and neighbors. "You will live long and forever!"

"Only a stone is forever!"

Princess stood still, looked up to him and said: "Than we will erect a stone for you! We surely will!"

"Before you do that...great lady, the best friend I have here around," stepped Mr. Karl out of the apartment and into the heat of the morning, "let me live first." He had a certain twinkle in his eyes which Princess responded to and twinkled back. Her smile was all over her face.

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