09.08.2020 Opinion

Students Dismissed By GES Need Psychological Assistance

By David Agbee || Executive Director, GIGS
Students Dismissed By GES Need Psychological Assistance
LISTEN AUG 9, 2020

I am writing this special note to humbly call on Ghana Psychology Council, Ghana Psychological Association, Ghana International Union of Psychological Science, and Psychologists in general to assist the fourteen (14) final year’s students who have been dismissed by the Ghana Education Service (GES) as a result of their gross indiscipline and violence behavoiurs on some of the campuses of secondary schools.

My request is special as a result of the fact that the fourteen students have been dismissed, as well as stopped them from writing the ongoing final examination.

In fact, they are young boys and a girl who has largely misconducted themselves especially looking at the level of vandalism caused to the school's properties, chasing examination officials to beat them up, beat of a journalist, and the insult on the president is extremely unacceptable.

Although, their indisciplined behaviours should not and never be accepted at all in our society we should be extremely careful about the consequences of the extreme punishments thereof.

Sincerely, I strongly believe that they need special counseling from your specialists’ fields of the profession in Psychology.

Again, I passionately feel that the students might have heard about the announcement of their dismissals as a result, may be psychologically facing challenges.

Indeed, following the nationwide condemnations, I think it is enough. However, most importantly, let us be in a careful mood as well as to consider their future progression. As a society and a country, we should not leave the above students alone for them to be contemplating anything negative and in a worst-case scenario.

In fact, I don’t need to overemphasize the reasons of my appeal for consideration.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

David Agbee

Executive Director, GIGS

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