08.08.2020 Opinion

The Action Taken By GES Is Unconstitutional And Abusive

By Wisdom Hedidor
The Action Taken By GES Is Unconstitutional And Abusive
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Inasmuch as I condemn in no uncertain terms the behaviour of the WASSCE students in the various videos that went viral, I think GES' decision to dismiss them is wrong, harsh, and destructive.

1. What is the basis of GES' decision? It contravenes the rule of natural justice. You can't pass judgment on somebody without first given the person a hearing. I'm not aware of any disciplinary or investigative body that found them guilty.

2. GES does not run the day to day administration of schools. By the issuance of the letter to communicate the dismissal of the students usurped the powers of the School Management and the Board of Governors of which GES is represented by three members (DG, RDE, and DDE).

3. Which particular GES or school rules did the students break? Are we just being emotional and ethical or legal?

4. GES owns the schools but not the organisers of the WASSCE. Registration for the WASSCE is a contract between the individual and the WAEC. Therefore, where does the GES drew the power to forbid the candidates from continuing the exams they have dully registered for?

5. Government absorbing the WASSCE registration fees for all students did not grant GES right to determine who writes and who stops. The fees were paid from public funds.

6. Surcharging students for destroying school property is in order. I have no qualm withholding the result until payment for items destroyed are paid for.

7. The Director General of GES is not a law nor a judge. The students have erred yes, some have even shown remorse. Let us look for the appropriate punishment3 that will correct and reform them but NOT to destroy them.

8. GES must come again or the president should call the Director General to order by reversing the decision.

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