08.08.2020 Press Release

TreasureHunt Education Berates Deviant SHS Students During WASSCE

TreasureHunt Education Berates Deviant SHS Students During WASSCE
LISTEN AUG 8, 2020

TreasureHunt Education has observed with disdain the misbehaviour of some groups of Senior High School students during the WASSCE 2020 period.

It is quite an unfortunate situation to see students feel aggrieved, vandalise school properties and say unprintable words against the President of the Republic just because they felt the examination did not meet their expectations. Most of these students who engaged in these unruly behaviours have just turned eighteen (18) and are expected to act responsibly after their three (3) years of senior high education.

TreasureHunt Education joins other bodies and individuals to condemn these acts of vandalism and insubordination displayed by the students. Inasmuch as confidence in expressing ones opinion is an excellent virtue to cultivate, it must be exercised with decency.

In the wake of this situation, it is important to rethink our educational system and make it devoid of its current state of over-reliance on examinations. The Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service need to do more work to inject an education of ethics and decency into the curriculum.

TreasureHunt Education is of the view that the sector ministry, service and other affiliate bodies can devise some other creative ways of assessing students to get the best out of them. Let’s get to work now to improve the status quo.

Our students must be guided to understand that education is intended to bring out their talents and potentials. Education is to make them find who they truly are. In using the tools of education to achieve these purposes, it is critical to note that as the melodious chirp of the morning bird is not taught, so are the talents of humans that flow.

It is, therefore, worthy of note that our in-born potentials may be realised anyway. However, education refines the potentials, talents and who we become. This purpose of education should settle our view of it.

Our parents and guardians must ensure that our learners cultivate the necessary decency through socialisation at home. The religious bodies should also focus on giving some ethical education to our children.

The nation can benefit from improved education we give our children now and posterity. To the misbehaviour of students, we say never again.

Joseph Appah

(Executive Director)

TreasureHunt Education

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