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Rebuke Yourselves Before You Condemn The SHS Students—Dr. Think Twice

By Dr. Think Twice
Rebuke Yourselves Before You Condemn The SHS Students—Dr. Think Twice
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The Chief Executive Officer of Think Twice Foundation Ghana, Mr. Ernest Birmeh, popularly known in the country as Dr. Think Twice, a Consultant and Activist on SOCIETAL PRESSURES, is calling on every adult or elderly to first of all rebuke themselves, before condemning the Senior High School who unfortunately insulted the President.

The student indeed aired and must be condemned by all standards. However, who did this young man learned from? We shouldn’t forget, every child goes through normal learning processes immediately they found themselves into the world. They start with parents; sucks mothers breast, learn their language, starts observing their environment in a slow but systematic manner.

The moment immediate siblings form part of the family, they gradually adjust to them and because of immediate closeness, they start learning from them the same gradual steps.

At some stages, family members, friends, and others, who form a shield of the society, play a major role to shape the upcoming child including education in various forms, such as cultural norms and values of the parents and the entire society.

Foreign influence has its head in sharpening the poor child: this includes modern technology, movies, music, clothing, food, language, etc. all these mentioned need regulations from adults.

Today, Ghanaian children, huge numbers are born out of *SOCIETAL PRESSURES* and * self-imposed pressures.* Therefore, parents have no sufficient time for their wards and as adults, more stressed up. They further find themselves in various habits of indulgence in unwanted activities; the same children observed them slowly and copy them unnoticed. Adults are engaged in *destruction* of water bodies, *environment* are damaged by same adults, *corruption* , *insults*, littering of our environment, noise pollution, greed, selfishness, nepotism, fornication and thousands, are done by our eldest. Therefore, the youth have no choice than to copy their parents, uncles, chiefs, queen mothers, family heads, etc, in a direction that’s not favorable for society.

The young man must be *condemned* for insulting the President, however, every adult must first ask themselves, did I contributed to the current situation consciously, must I be happy or sad with the state of our systems, what has been my influence on the current generation, is it positive or negative?

These are immediate questions, every adult needs to question themselves before nailing the poor *SHS* student.


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