06.08.2020 Opinion

Bravo! Bishop Agyin-Asare

By Rev. Fr. James Ignatius Yaw Amponsah
Bravo! Bishop Agyin-Asare
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It is an undeniable fact that the enforcement of culture of silence (through intimidation, destruction of the image of people with divergent views, death threats and killing of people considered not to be on our side ), in any nation, can never help the said nation to grow in a culture of the civilization of love.

What the culture of silence breeds in a nation are: extreme selfishness, opportunities for few people to hijack the nation for their own parochial benefits to the detriment of the citizens of the nation.

Therefore, I am very happy for Bishop Agyin - Asare and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him for sacrificing his comfort zone to break the culture of silence that is consuming mother Ghana and raising his voice loud enough against the appendages of Ghana's partisan politics today; appendages, that have the potential to transform Ghana into a failed State and bringing her literally to her knees.

Once again, Bishop, bravo! for your fearlessness and courage. Your desire to liberate God's people from slavery and misery will definitely win you God's salvation when the Good and Chief Shepherd returns.

If all the Shepherds of God's people are willing to imitate your fearlessness and courage and raise their voices loud enough against the appendages of Ghana's partisan politics today, Ghana will be a Paradise for all Ghanaians to enjoy and not just a few privileged people.

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