14.08.2006 Feature Article

It’s time to take action President Kufuor and stop the menace

It’s time to take action President Kufuor and stop the menace
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The buck stops with you President Kufuor. If you were looking for an opportunity to spring your ZERO TOLERANCE INTO ACTION, this is it. Stop shifting the blame and take drastic action against all involved in the ongoing drug scandal no matter the person's political affiliation or social standing. If you want Ghanaians to feel that you are a man of action you must act now and let the country and the drug barons know that Ghana is not the place to conduct their business. They must go elsewhere. Your actions and response to date smack of incompetence, irresponsibility and perhaps complicity of some sort if you fail do descend harshly on the drug menace engulfing our beloved country, Ghana.

These things are happening on your watch and you have to deal effectively with it. We cannot understand why Amoateng is still at post. No one is saying he is guilty but his continued absence is disadvantageous to the people of his constituency.

Mr. President you and your party blamed the NDC government of bequeathing to you a gutter economy, but you take pride in taking steps in fixing it, so why can't you do the same with the DRUG MENACE even if you inherited it from the NDC government. It is about time you stopped blaming everything on the NDC government and take some action.

The blame game has been going on for far too long and we Ghanaians are getting fed up. Readers please do not think I am an NDC supporter, for I am not. It is about time we saw effective governance from your government to the solution of our varied economic and social problems, no matter who started them. This is why we voted the NPP into power. We did not vote them into power to come and tell us that the problems of today were hatched by previous governments, we knew that.

We need to see more of your ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY against corruption and drugs. We voted the NPP into power to solve our problems and NOT TO GIVE US EXCUSES. Remember, President Kufour that the buck stops right at you office and on your desk. No more BUCK passing. This is your chance to prove yourself. You may not get this chance again, seize the opportunity and act decisively and swiftly as a real COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Enough is enough.

God bless Ghana, our homeland.

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