10.08.2006 General News

Terror threat in UK, US affects flights in Ghana

Terror threat in UK, US affects flights in Ghana
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Prospective Ghanaian travelers to the UK to expect flight delays or cancellation following terrorist alert

Ghanaian travelers to the UK should expect flight delays or cancellations.

This is because of security measures that have resulted in the closure of Heathrow Airport.

The measures were instituted after police announced that they had foiled an attempt by suspected terrorists to blow up some aircraft.

The airlines in Ghana say they are monitoring the situation, which is likely to disrupt most flights to and from the Kotoka International Airport.

As part of the security measures, passengers are being told that they will not be allowed to carry hand luggage into the aircraft.

In Accra, passengers travelling on North American Airlines have already been told about this directive.

Ghana International Airlines (GIA) is also advising its passengers to take not of this directive. Albert Vittali is in charge of operations at GIA and he says they would be hit later when passengers get to check in at the Kotoka International Airport.

A GIA flight is expected to leave London today but that flight is not expected to take off due to the security threat.

Already passengers travelling to the United States are feeling the effect of the closure. BBC and CNN reports monitored indicate that Airports in the US are responding to the terror alerts.

Passengers travelling aboard the North America Airlines flight from Accra to the United States are not allowed to carry hand luggage.

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