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30.07.2020 Public Statement

Why Ghana’s Arrest Of Mr. Divine Odonkor Was Uncalled For

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The PLC Secretary-General (SG) was always defending Ghana until they grasped him with a wrong hand. Mr. Divine Odonkor, the Secretary-General of the Peoples' Liberation Council of Western Togoland had always been vehemently admonishing Western Togolanders to abide by International laws and the laws of Ghana in order to rebuild Western Togoland into a noble State living in harmony with Ghana. He is now facing a challenge with the nasty side of the laws of Ghana. CAN HE STILL INSIST THAT PEOPLE SHOULD OBEY THE LAW HOWEVER OPPRESSIVE IT MAY BE?

This very law that stands in conflict with the International law has now put the S.G. into the dilemma of abandoning his policy of Citizens Diplomacy and Negotiated Approach to solving the 63-year-old Western Togoland-Ghana misunderstanding that has been exponentially expanding since Ghana's independence in 1957. According to the interpretation of Ghana’s law enforcement agencies, Clause 1 and 2 of the S.M.C. Decree 20 specifically prohibits the use of the name Western Togoland no matter whatever one does with it. It is for this reason that the PLC was put on Security Alert since last year when the S.G. told Western Togoland freedom fighting groups to do away with all forms of craving to form a government by skipping over the necessary steps.

At the World Wildlife Day Celebration last year (2019), the S.G made an appeal to the Peoples of Western Togoland to grant the PLC the free and prior informed consent to facilitate the process of guiding the evolution of Western Togoland through the various stages on the Western Togoland Restoration Roadmap in order to establish a constitutionally elected government which alone has the locus to appoint a competent authority to negotiate for any meaningful relation between Western Togoland and any country.

He assured the various groups seeking to govern Western Togoland that the PLC is an NGO even after Western Togoland becomes self-ruling. He then cautioned that it is dangerous to form a government prior to writing a constitution to be endorsed by the peoples because that constitution will definitely be tailored to benefit the ruler.

He told the participants that the laws of Ghana do not forbid people from making their own bylaws and therefore they must proceed constitutionally. Since then security operatives had been trailing him through varied means. Although he has always been aware of their tricks the S.G. is confident that the genuineness will be understood by even those who hide their intentions.

He always insisted that due to the interconnectedness of the Peoples of Western Togoland and Ghana, everything possible must be done by both parties to regularize the UNION that brought them together so that they can together serve as a beacon light for other nations.

Despite his confidence in PLC's advocacy for good governance to yield a prize of nobility for Western Togoland and Ghana, Mr. Divine Odonkor must now be surprised to feel the pangs of a law contorted to intimidate a people who voted to be in union with Ghana.

According to the opinion of the PLC, it is only an agreement between constitutionally elected governments of Western Togoland and Ghana that can effectively form a long-lasting harmonious union which is already a natural demand on the people.

Well, the question remains that, if Ghana does not accept the peaceful path proposed by the PLC, and if the PLC should stop educating the people to eschew violence and proceed constitutionally, WHAT COGENT ALTERNATIVE HAS GHANA THEN TO OFFER?

We leave it to the consciences of Ghanaians.

Thank you.

PLC Communication team.

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