07.08.2006 General News

Bakers in Kumasi go on strike

By Erastus Asare-Donkor
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Bread bakers in the Kumasi metropolis today withheld their services over a 30 thousand cedis increase in the price of flour. The price of flour now sells at 260 thousand cedis.

Their strike action has led to an acute shortage of bread from the streets of Kumasi. The few sellers who have bread in stock have suddenly hiked the prices of their commodities.

A loaf of bread which until yesterday sells at 10 thousand cedis now sells at 12 thousand cedis while those selling at eight thousand now attract 10 thousand cedis. The sudden shortage has started creating panic among bread consumers.

In an interview with the President of the Bread Bakers Association in Kumasi, Nana Ekua Progress, she explained that the increase generally in most brands of flour, from 250 thousand to 290 thousand Cedis on the market render them unable to break even with the current price of bread. She said an attempt to increase the price of bread, attracted condemnation from the public.

Nana Ekua noted that they are embarking on the one week sit-down strike, to draw the public's attention to these challenges and the need to increase the price of bread and to also seek government's intervention to remedy the situation.

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